Google Today

Who’s seen Google today??? Has a uni featured in Edward Gorey’s 88’th birthday! Does anyone else know if there is another google doodle featuring a uni?

Came here to post that and found this, you beat me to it.

Unicyclists with a gothic flair would be interested in The Fantod Pack, Gorey’s darkly comic tarot deck, which also features a unicycle:

I saw it over Unicycle comic strip posted by jbtilley. Good question! It’s first time to see unicycle on google doodle.

After tried google search for google doodle with unicycle and found interest article. I find it hard to believe that “0.004% employees are Mudders and it’s indeterminate if any can ride a unicycle”

That article was few years ago then now that make me think there are more unicyclist google employees out there :stuck_out_tongue:

love the unicycle in google