Google patents

You can now search for patents on Google with

Have a look and search for unicycle and you get a lot of different patents, really interesting reading.,M1

stupidest thing ive seen in my whole life

That tube-like crotch apparatus is quite uncomfortable looking.

HAHAHAHAH, oh man…the things people think of.

Wasn’t it recently discussed how expensive it is to get a patent? Imagine spending your money on something like that. Not to mention how difficult that thing would be to ride…

Good thing that patent is up; otherwise, unisk8er’s frame and handle would be infringing.

Out of all those unicycle patents, only 2 from Schwinn, and both entirely practical. The rest are insane, and what was with the huge hamster wheel fetish around the 1890’s?

I’ve seen a lot of stupid, but when it comes to patent ideas this is definitely one of them. I have three words for the so-called inventor:

Working model.

I could add a few more, such as "Huh? What’s it spposed to do? Exercise? I think running is already patented, and running with a hula hoop pulling at your sack is just not going to sell. He keeps mentioning unicycle in his article, but never explains what this is, besides a hoop that’s in your way while you run.

Do anyone know if this is built? :stuck_out_tongue:

wow those are really cool
thanks for sharing!:slight_smile:

Whatever happened to learning to unicycle the good old fashioned way - falling off a lot? IMO there is no substitute.

It strikes me that someone has filed a patent thinking “Yeah, i’m surely gonna make millions and be able to retire early, now the whole world can see the beauty of my invention. I have brought unicycling to the masses and milked the cash cow”.

Maybe the rest of the world is content with using two wheels and is happy to leave the slower and more awkward mode of transportation to us nutters.

Literally. At least none of the ones I’ve seen in there. The best training tool I’ve seen for unicycling is probably a dicycle. That’s a unicycle with two wheels next to each other. You can learn part of the balance and pedaling actions on that, making it a little easier when you switch over to a regular unicycle. But you’ll still have to learn like anyone else.

Cool, I found one of my Patents for my sheet metal bus.

I found the patent I’m on too…neato

Me Grandpappy had some patents and I found them on there. Should I get a vanity patent on my quick-release bearing holder?

That probably depends on the dollar value of your vanity. :slight_smile:

this looks like an uw

No kidding. Someone told me it cost $2500+ to get a patent these days. I sometimes cut my own hair, that should calibrate you on the value of my vanity

Here’s my 4

I’d like to cut my own hair, but my wife won’t let me. Anyway, I’m sure all unicyclists will enjoy these patents. Please be patient with my vanity here.

Only one is really worth anything.

I clicked your link, and then searched “John Foss” just to see if he’d been crazy enough to patentize anything(no offense, but I don’t think that’s a good way to make money, not selling it cheap or expensive). I instead found this, not the John Foss I was looking for, but it looks like an important invention. Something to do with glass…ah well.