Google group/muni-riders-of-los-angeles


With tips and advice from several of you, I have set up a google group for Muni riders in the greater Los Angeles Area.

I set it up so riders could announce ride calls to other riders in the area. Santa Barbara unicycle club has something similar on their website for ride calls and sharing information.

We need something like this down here in the Los Angeles area. I sent out invites to the email addresses of riders I know about.

This announcement might reach newer riders.


looking for riders


Saw your post its pretty old, wonder if still alive so to speak . My son is looking for others to ride with in So. Cal. are you aware of any groups or rides? If so please advise.

Thank you;


The Over the Bars Mountain Bike Club forum has a section for unicyclists. Go here: and scroll down to the bottom of the page. There is a small group that rides trails around the SFV area most weekends. (I hope to join them when I get good/confident enough to go offroad, but so far I stick to level roads.)
(I ride some of the easy bike paths nearby like around Lake Balboa, or go down at the beach to the bike path. If you or your son would like to get together to ride that would be great. Usually I ride by myself, or with my wife on her bike, but she gets tired of riding circles around me.)

PM sent.

Muni for sale LA area.

Hi Lance,

I am selling my Muni. It’s quite good and has a hydraulic brake. I am selling it at a reasonable price. Air seat, aluminum handbuilt frame. It’s in great shape. PM for details.


Hi Rod,
The pics of that uni look awesome, I’m sure it’s a great one. But I’m not really in the market for a 24" at this time. I believe I’ll be on the streets and bike paths for a while yet before I tackle the off-road stuff. maybe later this summer or fall. My current 26" Nimbus std muni should do OK for the time being.
Do you ride the local trails on a regular basis?

Hi Lance,

I am afraid i don’t ride any more, hence the sale of my Muni. I rode about 6 times in the last 3 years. I loved riding Muni, but it’s time for a change. I can hook you up with a friend of mine who rides a uni on city streets. He lives in Hancock Park, gut doesn’t mind driving into the valley to ride his uni. He’s always looking for someone to ride with. PM me if you would like his name. Or let me know and I can get in touch with him. Great guy, in his 50’s.


Hello Lance;

My son & I would love to get together & ride. We are however, leaving the country for 10 days. Will contact you when return. My son has been riding since December, rides backwards, does 360’s, rides by moving the wheel with foot, hops up numerous stairs, idles, etc. he sees things on the net & then goes out to do. ( I ride mountain bike). He also has a 24" muni and does some pretty narley trails. Since he has started he has two others who have started. It is a very unique sight to see them all go down the street.


So it looks like the google group is no more. But fear not, I am creating a new LA & OC unicycle club for regular rides of all sorts. If you haven’t heard check out the new thread about it here. PS, Rod it sounds like you have retired from unicycling? Say it isn’t so. Maybe I can get you back into it? :slight_smile: