Goodbye I have made the decision to stop using the forum for a while until, I feel I am a much better rider for not going on it and riding instead! I have got Universe + universe 2 to keep me company through this time. I am also leaving unicyclist for a while because I seem to constantly seem to be hassled about my bad spelling so I will work on that as well ok! I know my spelling/ grammar suck but if you read the lazyness of our time thread you will know why. If I have a real problem I will be back looking for answers if any one need’s to contact me for any random reason my email address is I am getting a muni soon so Instead of hitting the forums I will be hitting the mountains on my new 24” beast or ripping up the streets with my 19” trials. Thanks for all the help you all have given me over this year I have been unicycling. I sooooo can’t wait to get my muni!!!

hey ben that’s bad to hear, I wish you luck in the rest of your unicycling and I hope you’re not gonna give up on our UK uni vid, I hope to see you in it


i am up for that and i am still making the militia t’s but i have alot of work on till the end of this week so after that they WILL get made i am still posting for a while until i get my muni as i am still asking question’s bout it.

Good luck with the exams and stuff.Hope the trailer gets you lots of coursework credit.

See you araound, maybe for a muni sometime, I’ll e-mail you.

thanks sarah i might float around and post from time to time i have a few threads i am checking about the new muni but when i have got all the info i need i am gone for a while.

sorry i saw this and had 2 post it!

:frowning: ah ben you will be missed a lot on this forum you are always friendly and start good thread and join in with lots of discussions, i hope you’ll come back sometimes to say hello
Happy Unicycling! (or MUNI i should say now!)


Re: Goodbye


Deal! You work on grammar and spelling. I am currently working on my physical conditioning and appearance. Both issues lend greatly to the qualities of and opportunities in life as a man is at least partly known by his quality of communication and the physical first impressions he offers.

See you back around the newsgroup soon.

Bruce, father of Ben (Edwards that is)

Hmmm…if the truth be known, my last post shows an edit because I had to go back in and correct the spelling of grammar.



I like that attitude - unicycling instead of talking about unicycling. I tried to do that and to not visit this site as often but my post rate seems to once again be increasing. I’ve ended up not pushing aside unicycling though, but rather other things in my life…which is good.

Best of luck with your riding. Please give us an update on your progress in a month or so…it’s just one message, it won’t take long.

Good luck. :slight_smile:


Re: Goodbye

sad to c u go indeed

i do hope u have a whole host of fun riding instead of talking about it
(do u think u could talk to my boss about allowing me to go ride during office hours instead of sitting here flooding the forums?:wink: )

i also hope that u dont really feel ‘hounded’ off the forum by the ‘spelling police’

was this your first post?

But, Andrew, many of your posts are what got me interested in the hobby. Newbies like me need guys like you, duaner, eric, others to stroke the forums and answer stupid questions.

Thanks for the help.