Hey what’s up guys. I don’t really ride anymore, because I became more interested in filming and making videos than the actual riding itself. But my cousin who skates came down for a couple of weeks so him and I decided to put together a video. We filmed an entire video of him and then edited this video with a couple of clips that we had of me and some leftover footage from his video. I hope that makes sense. So anyway I decided to post it as maybe a final goodbye. I go to humboldt state university in the fall, I’m bringing my unicycle up but I don’t know if I’ll continue riding.

Feel free to leave a comment, I know the riding is a little rusty, especially at the level unicycling is getting at nowadays. I’m talking about Mike’s mind freak video, it was freakin amazing.

I really liked the whole vid, especially the rails. Too bad your giving up riding. :frowning:

Tripod. Monopod. Steady-cam. Just pick one and get it. Looks like an earthquake in almost every scene.

What’d you eat? lol
I liked the vid too. Good editing, good riding. :slight_smile:

It looked like ketchup to me.

I liked the video man! I hope you don’t completely quit riding.

cya later.

Don’t quit :angry: Music was good and stillstands were good

Nice riding. Good lucj with whatever else you prusue.

Thanks guys.

Yea it was ketchup, but that was my cousin. I like ketchup but not that much.

I hope to continue riding a little, Humboldt has amazing muni trails. I’m also taking a general education class next semester called action movement. It basically teaches me how to be a mime and a clown. So maybe I can put some of my unicycle skills to use.

Thanks again,

I know a bunch of Jugglers and uni riders down at Humbolt. Keep an eye out haha.