i no longer use the website although i spent many an hour here in days gone by.

so i’d like to put my old unicycling web page out of its misery, its pretty old and nasty, and these days when people put my name into google i’d like it if they could find just nice recent pictures of me, doing the shows that i do now.

i just can’t remember the website where i can log in to delete it. anybody here know? i still remember my login details(i think)

i still ride a unicycle when i perform, sometimes with friends and occasionally teach it as a specialization at a circus school here in italy. but my days of thinking about unicycling in my free time are long gone.

so i think my old web site needs to go. also the unicycle maintainance faq that i sort of maintained all those years ago is so outdated that it deserves to die too. (not that anything interesting really dies when we have



Goodbye evilewan! Twas good to have you here.

I don’t know where you could log in to delete your site, sorry.

goodbye. (800th post btw)