Goodbye Old Friend

This is my trusty 24" Schwinn.

14 years ago I was browsing a bicycle touring newsgroup and saw an off-hand comment by a guy that went something like, “and here’s another thing that I’ll never use…like that Schwinn unicycle I bought which has been sitting in the corner gathering dust.”

Wow, I thought. I’ve always wanted to learn how to unicycle. I’m going to see if that guy will sell it to me. I wrote to him and he sold it to me for $75. That was easily the best $75 I’ve ever spent.

We’ve had a lot of fun together. I’ve spent countless hours on that saddle and ridden many miles. I’ve carried it with me across the county and it has followed me through four relocations. I still remember the day it arrived, packed up in a box that smelled oddly as if it had spent a former life as a shipping container for bags of Halls Mentholated cough drops! I remember how strange it felt to mount it the first time, and I remember the first time I was able to ride the length of my driveway, and later, to freemount, idle, hop, ride backwards…yeah…we’ve had LOTS of good times.

But life moves on. I have a better 24" now. It’s much lighter and stronger than the Schwinn and for quite some time now my old friend has been hanging up in the garage neglected. The heavy steel rim, cranks, and frame have started to rust. I finally admitted to myself that that I would not be riding it anymore. Time to say goodbye.

I couldn’t bear to toss it out in the trash, and I’m sure that no one would be interested in buying it, so I decided to donate it to the universe.

I put a “FREE” sticker on the saddle and left it at the local skateboard park. I’m pretty sure the right kind of person will find it there.

Goodbye old friend…thanks for all of the great times…I hope you find a nice new owner who will enjoy you as much as I did.

Well done

What a great way to say goodbye… maybe the new owner will thank you one day through this forum :smiley:

Have fun,

That’s a nice sendoff. Maybe someone will pick it up, learn to ride, and become one of us.

That is an awesome way to say goodbye! I hope it finds a good home!

I think that’s a pretty high level in Kabala; receive to give.
Yes, I wont be surprised if someone will start posting here soon with the new half of this story.

Thats automaticly 22 karma points right there

It would be cool to stage a unicycle like that and have a hidden camera nearby. I wonder how many people will try to ride it. :slight_smile:

You’re supposed to use your old unicycle to create new unicycle riders.

Okay, maybe you did. :slight_smile:

I’m a unicycle pack rat. I still have nearly all the unicycles I’ve ever owned.

I learned to ride on the same unicycle. I would pay for shipping in a second just ride it again. I’m an old softy that way. Please let me know.

Old Schwinns can be had on eBay, just be patient and lots of choices will pop up. Unigami’s was a more recent one, with the Viscount seat. If yours was from the metal-cutting-thru-seat-cover era, those are the more common ones on there. :slight_smile:

Ah such fond memories of the metal cutting through the thin vinyl seat cover…

That’s why I gave up unicycling some time ago–the pain. It took an improvement in saddle technology to get me riding again.

Awesome send off!!!

I recently gave one of my older unicycles to a teenage bmxpert after he learned to ride it. Told him he has to give me lessons next month :wink:

Brilliant! And I agree, that yours may just the beginning of the story. I would like to think 15 years from now some guy will look back on his years of unicycling and remember how it all began one day when he found this amazing old FREE unicycle and he just had to give it a try…