Goodbye Gilby

We saw the sad story on the 10:00 News tonight that Kevin Gilbertson, 18, of Rockford was killed in a car crash in Janesville, WI. Sad to see you go.

ohmygod, not the Gilby? It cant be.

Hang on, Gilby’s not 18.


Hey, right as rain. We saw it plainly on the news tonight. Poor guy.

but on his info it says he was born in 79, that would make him around 24 and it says he lives in Minnesota, or is Rockford in Minn?


Maybe Kevin Gilbertson died. But not the Kevin Gilbertson. This is from his site

I have been unicycling for 16 years, since I was 8 years old.

Fear not. There’s a Rockford IL and MN. Rockford, IL is way closer to Janesville, WI.

If so that would make our Gilby 24, which would support the fact he was born in 1979 (lets guess his site hasn’t been updated for a year). Obviously Kevin Gilbertson died, but not the Kevin Gilbertson who runs this site.

“Our,” Gilby will be 25 this September 1.

i don’t think the Gilby is dead because he has been posting while this thread has been going on

You can run clients like centericq on servers like the one of
Or did you mean you saw his username online on

Maybe Gilby is now a ghost.

on the news did they show a picture and did he look like this?

However sad it is that Kevin Gilbertson died, we can be relieved it’s not ‘our’ Gilby.

It made me think however, strange as this may sound from a dedicated Usenet fan, but should Gilby make a provision for the case that something would happen to him? Would this site go amiss without him? Oh well, maybe he does have a plan, unbeknownst to us.

Klaas Bil (posted via for the occasion :slight_smile: )

Of all the people who could have replied to this thread, Gilby himself would have been the one we’d like to hear from most.

Before making flippant comments about the “other” Gilby, perhaps we should wonder whether it’s a cousin or other relation of “ours”. A bit of sensitivity, folks, just in case.

That picture of Gilby shows him winning the uphill race at the 1998 USA Convention in Monrovia, CA. That was the first time we did MUni on actual mountainous terrain, and I think the first time an uphill race was done at a USA convention. Note Gilby was riding a plain “street” Miyata, set up for racing. Dustin Kelm won the cross-country event on a similar machine.

While I suppose I can understand forum users expressing relief that it is not “our Gilby”, you can be sure that the 18 yr old Gilby who died was indeed “our Gilby” to his family and loved ones.

A few years ago I lost a 17 year old nephew, the loss is nothing to take lightly and once you go through it, you’re never the same.

  • Frank

To set the record straight, no, it wasn’t our Gilby involved in the Janesville, WI accident. Yes, our Gilby does lives in Minneapolis and is several years older.

It was very interesting today, though, that I was talking with a customer from 84 Lumber in Gurnee, IL about an order and it turns out that one of his salesmen, Kevin Gilbertson, had placed the order initially. I commented about the news of a lad with the same name that had lost his life in Janesville and my caller had heard about the accident. What are the odds that, within a day and a half, I would run across two people with the same name as another friend.