Goodbye - Flatland

Haha… I’ve used the same song before… Opeth ROCKS!!

Haha I ment shot the video. Curse my brain. Obviously a Zerg not Protoss or Terran brain.
Oh I didn’t know, Opeth are awesome.

Hey I can’t upload to vimeo, tried 3 times and got the same error, so now I can’t be bothered ahah. Don’t worry, your not missing out on much.

when? =(
really want to see this^^

Amazing as always Chris. Loved the fakie side varial thing; such a cool move. The effect was cool, and the wide angle is nice. Is that Duncan’s camera?

My camera, my lens :smiley: Got it fixed.

Opeth!!! Within the first second I knew and that amde the video a winner already.

And then I saw the riding, which was pretty sweet too. :slight_smile: