Good Workouts?

I’m just curious to know if there are any good workouts that I can do in the gym for unicycling. Unicycling in general as well as jumps and hops would be nice to know. Thanks.

anything with legs probably. abs will help if you do serious unicycling, but in general legs. you can use the stationary bikes, if you like. also just standing on a 2x4 and lifting your heels up and down will be good. sorry that i dont know any technical terms.

I use a fluid resistance trainer with my road b!ke. It’s a great workout for the legs and a much shorter workout than what I require when getting on the unicycle.

Think that’s a calf raise

Pretty much anything you will do will be profitable.

It also depends on your riding. If you’re a distance riding, working up the arms won’t be as good as working out your legs.

But for a trial and street rider, arms are also really important because you always pull on the seat. Yet, legs are still being used alot :wink: Just remember that when you work out a single muscle (biceps for example) you have to work out the antagonist’s muscle (triceps in this case), or else you will be unbalanced… and you don’t want that with your pecs/upper back for example because you will have a really bad posture.

I’m with Emile

I’d say concentrate on the antagonistic muscles (the ones that don’t get worked as much as on the Uni). So hamstrings, hip flexors, leg adduction and abduction, leg extensions (not presses, leg extensions) , glutes, and some abs/core work.

Then as Emile says work in the exercises based on what kind of riding you want to do.

Some ab/core work is always helpful in preventing injuries.

lunges and everything else that was mentioned. …and Jumping rope

Alright sounds good. Pretty basic workouts than. I’ll keep doing all of those. Thanks.