good websites

what are some good websites to learn how do new tricks or just tips on other tricks. also do you know of any websites that have some good Ideas for a trials park:D

That’s a fantastic one. Find more on MUC’s links page does have have instructinos for building trials obstacles. You should also chekc out though for photos of trials courses in comps, demos, etc.


Re: good websites

Lots of stuff by the Marsh sisters, gotta love those colours though.

The MUNIAC, focuses on Mountain Unicycling. Again, funky colours.
<> and then the TIPS section.

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Once I get around to it (probably in the next couple of months), I’ll be adding some tips for Distance riding/Coker setup/endurance racing/Unicycle travelling on my website (there’s nothing there at the moment):


and this page’s Links section isn’t half bad either