Good video : unicycling convention, Paris

Have a look at this. This is the trailer of the video filmed during the convention 2 years ago.
It’s high quality (long to download) but it worth it.

I hope it will convince you of coming this year : May 6-8, Paris, France
For more information :

looks like a good time. i like the shot of the dude wheel walking the 3 wheeler.


Ya, its a good vid, seems like a great time

I recently accquired the 2 DVD’s of this convention(I think). Very awesome to watch. More fun than Universe 2 even.

It must be last year convention.
How did you get them ?
A lot of French in it, did you get it? (with interviews… very interesting though)

Hey nice video anso. Well shot and nicely edited.

I really like your choice of music. What is the name of the artist and track?


A friend of the association filmed and edited that video.
So I don’t know who the artist is.
I didn’t find out on the film. I’ll try to have more information.

Do you all realize that she(anso) got a 74MB movie into the gallery?? Is this a first or did i miss something?

I’m still downloading the video and i cant wait to watch it. I’m sure it will be good.

It was nice meeting you, Anso. You’re very sweet.


Gilby figured out what was causing the problem with aborted uploads to the gallery and fixed it. Now we can upload larger files. I’m not sure what the max size is now, but it seems to be plenty big.

Re: Good video : unicycling convention, Paris

On Tue, 15 Mar 2005 01:49:48 -0600, “anso” wrote:

>It must be last year convention.
>How did you get them ?

It was 2003. Check your PMs.

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Hi catboy!

Is is possible to have a copy of theese DVDs??

Here in Spain such kind of things are very usefull, It would be a great contribution to our little unicycle comunity.


Sorry, I was long to answer. So the music is from “Mezzanine de l’Alcazar vol.2” (a compilation from a bar restaurant in Paris). I should have the exact references tomorrow.

I was really pleased to meet you too. I hope we’ll meet again!

Klaas Bil
Thanks very much because I did’nt know how the PM work. Now I know, and I realizedI had some other PM…

I think you can order that video (in fact it’s a CD). It is not really expensive but it depends on the mail expenses. As it is an edited video that last an hour, we’ve asked people who have made directly a copy to give 5 € to our association.