good use for a crap-cycle seat

What do you do with the seat that comes with the cheap Taiwan unicycles? You
know the type. They come with metal bumpers on the front and rear and are
specifically designed to play havoc with your inner thighs. Before you throw
them away consider this option that is great for countries that do not have
a or a Tom Miller.

A week after throwing all the surplus crap-seats that I had collected over
nearly 10 years into the bin a friend of mine came up with a great use for

He upgraded to a Viscount seat (anything is better that the crap-cycle
seat). As he did not have a Viscount seat post, he cut the base plate (with
the seatpost clamp) off the cheap seat. By trimming it to size and drilling
holes into it he could bolt it onto the Viscount saddle and use a standard
seat post. If only I had thought of that before I threw away all the
crap-cycle seats.

There you have it - an idea that was surely waiting to happen. I know it is
not the best solution to the problem, but is a cheap option when parts are

Wayne van Wijk

O—( >–|-o

Ouch! I just fell off my unicycle.

if you took a guess,just how big do you think that "surplus"of crap-cycle seats was?

buy the way,could thee official name for this seat be more appropriate?