good unicycling pants idea

Ive been noticing that most riders keep their pants baggy while riding, how is this possible? is it how you sit on the seat? but anyway, dan heaton should get together with kris holm and get some sort of clothing line going. jeans with longer inseams and lower waists, that way while your riding it would look stylish (baggyness) and when you sit the waist band isnt above your belly button, and then your riding wouldnt annoying with your belt buckle in your sternum. and then put the padded shorts padding inside so it feels like your wearing bike shorts without the tight spandex buisness. does anybody else like this idea?


Also keep them loose like kakies (exuse the spelling). Make sure though that they are tough at the inner thighs. Those go prety quickly at times. Also use like it’s a hood thing for the waist. Have a string thing, or whatever, around the waist inside the pants. Acting like a self belt. That’s all i got. laters

Yeah I have just been thinking about the idea of pants with a longer inner seem, cos always when im riding they ride high on the inside of my legs…revelaing my white thighs…not nice,.
Those other ideas are good too

Shut your cry hole and go to the trift store. They have lots of awesome pants there.

i think i have an idea!!!

why doesnt dan heaton and kris holm get together and make some longer inseam shorts for unicycling in… or anyone who can sew for that matter.

they have to look cool however.

im a genius

Here’s the way to solve the problem: Become fatter.

Allow me to explain how this works. When your fatter, you have to buy a larger size to fit your waist, so they will be made longer because they are still made a size that related to how wide they’ll be.

So if you’re fat, they’ll be longer and they won’t come up as high when on the uni.

I’m really thin though… but I don’t seem to have a problem with this, so it’s strange. I think I’ve worn pants about twice when unicycling so I can’t comment on them, but I guess my shorts are usually just really long. At least 5 inches past the middle of my knee caps.

I don’t like that idea at all…

:smiley: Better yet - normal looking pants with built in airbags for those of use who are balance challenged.

I dunno bout you guys, but I usually wear like tighter pants so that when I mount I don’t get a load of pants bunched up, or like make it all tense and stuff. While finding a good pair of riding pants that you like can sometimes be difficult, I beleive that everyones pantial needs(like how I made that word up huh?) are satisfied by different styles so making one style of pants would only sell to like maybe 25% of you and that wouldn’t be profittable or worth while… So find your own pants and just have Kris or Dan sign them the next time you see them at a uni meet…

I wouldn’t think you’d want your pants too baggy, due to if they get caught somewheres you’ll be on your face in a hurry, thats where the air bag comes in handy I guess. I usually just where what i’m wearing, but I don’t stay on for long periods of time either.


Yeah I always wear smaller shorts that end around the top of my leg armor. I used to wear larger pants and shorts but then there is more trouble putting the seat in on. On a trials line, that extra second of struggle can make you have to dab. Also they are awesome shorts because they wick sweat away.

Oh yeah…getting fat doesn’t work.

The only prob I have with baggy pants is that my muni tire keeps hitting the pantleg as I ride. I haven’t had a prob really with the belt buckle thing…

i even have a 34" inseam and they still ride up. do they even make pants with longer inseams than that?

Yes. I have about your inseam. And I find some pants that are too big. Odd that you don’t.

A blatant plug for NZO Dobies :

Here’s an idea for those of us on a tight budget…

I want shorts with pockets and made of thin, dries quickly material. Thin material makes for a seam that is also very thin. Denim, for instance, results in a big fat uncomfortable seam. What I worry about: comfort (function).

Right now (in the fall) you can find fantastic deals on [fashionable] swim shorts. Long legs, even Flames… I cut out the net undies. No-feel-em seams, dries quick. Those dobies look perfect. But they’re $135. After season bathing suit: $8. But its true, some are too goofy looking even for me. I don’t get the ones that are bright yellow with orange lillies. Although…never say never…

Over 40: Form Follows Function
Under 40: Form Follows Fashion

Fashion…corporate designers up in New York love it. Cha-ching. I saw something the other day that made me laugh. This “dude” was walking in front of me. His belt was down so low I have no idea what kept the pants from slipping to the ground. His boxers were prominently displayed otherwise we’d have seen some 5 inches of buttcrack. Looking down at his feet, I noticed the hemline of the pantlegs was proper. This guy was 6 feet tall and I know his pants were pulled down at least 8 inches off of his waist. But the leglenth was correct. He must’ve tried several to find an inseam of 25 inches. I can just see him trying them on, pulling them down, checking his butt in the mirror… Ridiculous, hillarious. …But extremely cool.

At least in London having your boxer shorts showing is a gang thing mainly worn by gangs of kids who go around mugging people, supposedly it’s a symbol that you’ve been in prison or don’t care if you end up there because in prison you aren’t allowed to wear belts.


go to a local military surpus shop and buy a pair of old cargo pants the real military type with a gusseted crotch, super loose in the right spots and super comfy!

I’ve always had the problem of bathing suits not breathing properly. This can lead to some nasty and irritating effects if you wear them for long periods of time. Probably depending on the person, this time could be fairly small. It might not be as much of a problem if you wear bike shorts, I never tried them with my bike shorts.

Anyways what I did was I went to a sporting goods store and looked for cross training shorts. They are always made low profile so you get a good pair of light shorts with small seams. Also they are designed to prevent you from getting too sweaty. They are made of a wicking polyester. Mine have pockets. Mine were on sale for $6.99. Just go in and see whats on sale. I also got a cool shirt that matches and is the same material for like 8 bucks.

where shorts lol