good unicycle?

im thinking about getting a torker unistar cx 20" and am wondering if this is good or the lx is better


Whatever you do, don’t get that unicycle, 100% chance you’ll upgrade later. It’s the worst unicycle I’ve ever ridden!

And to make that make a little more sense.

Do not get the CX unicycle. Its actually not too bad, as ive ridden one for a long time, and my friend learned and progressed with one. He still has it actually.

But, the LX is defenitely better, and worth the extra dollars for the better components.

So, in short, get the LX, forget about the CX.

1+ and its not that big a price gap :slight_smile:

Yeah, id say considering the price, the lx is the best starter unicycle there is. As long as you dont do any trials or street or any extreme muni, there may even be no reason to upgrade anything ever really. (though it really depends on riding style)

I’ve been learning on a 20" LX, and would recommend it.

I bought my daughter a 20" CX. It looks like it was made in an altogether different factory- just two completely different unicycles with the “Torker” name slapped on each them. It has a narrower tire among other things.

Anyway, it looks a lot dinkier and it was only $5 or $10 extra for an LX, and that is well worth it.

By the way, I weigh about 260 lbs, and the LX has been holding up just fine. Of course, I’m not doing any jumping on it or anything. The seat gets hard after a while, but better than the CX.

I’ve ridden worse. But I wouldn’t recommend the CX. Go with the LX. So much better for just a few dollars more.