Good unicycle for me.

Well, I have a torker LX but my weight keeps setting me back. I weigh about 220-225 lbs. And of course, a torker LX isn’t going to take much especially since I am over weight. I don’t really know what to do, I keep bending my cranks and other stuff. I am just pretty much looking for another unicycle. But I don’t have the money yet. Any suggestions?

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You are going to need a splined setup. Unless you plan on never abusing the uni, you will need to go splined. Onza has splined munis and trials that are relatively cheap and strong…

I am kinda looking for something used and under 300 bucks that might support me.

The torker DX 24" MUni maybe.

My friend has a Torker DX, people on another forum told m I would probably need a trials becuase of my weight.

Is trials what you want to do?

If so then it sounds like a splined trials set-up is the way to go.

However, from your last post it sounded a little as if you may be thinking trials uni simply because they’re stronger and better able to cope with your weight?

If that’s the case then it’s worth asking what aspects of unicycling appeal to you.

If for example (like me) it’s mainly just riding (as opposed to pulling stunts) then maybe a fair quality, unsplined 24 or 29" uni would be an option.

They won’t take abuse, but then they don’t need to as you’ll be using them for straight riding without high drops etc.

Thats just it, I like to ride down stairs(or try), ride off of stuff, try to hop, etc.

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Lose weight?

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Duh, thats what a unicycle does. -> search for QU-AX Trials 2005. Stable as a Kris Holm, but half the prize.

THIS ONE runs in your pricerange…

Isn’t that exactly what I just said?


Hmmm…yeah, losing weight would be the best idea. But it’s hard you see, I have a very slow metabilism. I don’t eat as much as most people my size, I gained it and I can’t loose it. But I Don’t care much about that. Thanks for the websites.

seriously, uni for 30 mins a day. you’ll drop pounds like crazy, and be aa better rider because of it. work some of the skill levels, good way to stay motivated.

i live next to dark and im his friend with the 24" dx that he was talking about.

we unicycle for way more than that usually, unless his is broke we really dont at all, right now he has one old cranks and one new crank on, and the old one is an inch longer, lol but he still rides it. usually we unicycle for about a couple to a few hours a day.

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Save up.

Yes, you should wait until you can afford something splined.

Until then, you can still ride a lot but you’ll have to cut out the hops and drops to preserve your hardware. There’s plenty of other cool riding stuff you can do in the meantime. Like trails.

let it be known TOTAL and total_uni are not the same person.

i would agree with john, work on other aspects of unicycling you can tie in with your current street skills.

Again,what about the torker dx?It is splined,and for $150 its pretty cheap…Its got good(i guess)3 peice tubular cranks…whatever that means i dont know.The new 2005 ones have a bigger frame and a thicker handle.You could get 20" or 24".

Yeah, ask total. I need to get better on my riding, i’m not very good witht hat. It takes me a long time to pick up on stuff, it has been that way ever since I was little.