Good uni-stores, online and offline?

I asked this question vaguely in my introduction thread. But I figure it might be a nice resource for other people who could be interested.

I personally am looking into buying the Torker LX 20" to start with, and I was curious what peoples thoughts were on ebay, amazon,, any other websites? Or any stores that are in the California area with good selections (I live in Santa Barbara, an hour or 2 north of Los Angeles)

i’m surprised nobody replied to this thread… those places are fine to look, but look hard… google often yeilds the best results
a friend of mine got a uni for $30 off craigslist.

Fast shipping, knowledgeable staff and reasonable prices.

The Unicycle Shop they are in AZ and can help.

I think you can find an lx 20 new for about 100 $

The good deals seem to come and go a bit. UDC has good deals sometimes, but charges full retail usually. For instance, they are selling a 07 KH 29 for 350 $, great price. Yet most of their other prices are high,

Google is your friend. This place has a good seller rating on amazon, fair shipping, and an lx 20 for 96 $

I guess in this down economy, there will be more, likely better deals soon.

I can only suggest googling, and also reading the last few pages of rec sports, where deal spotters often post.

I ended up buying from a ebay store seller, which had free shipping, so it came to about equal.

Looks promising, but so far their site seems pretty sketchy and short on information. I wish them luck!

No doubt. This year will be an awesome year to buy a house, or travel! If you can afford it. As for unicycles, I will always try to support the people who make the unicycles when I can. The discount resellers add nothing to the sport (except lower prices); no knowledge, service, etc. There’s nothing wrong with buying from them, and I understand having to scrape your money together. Just putting a word in for the people who really “build” our sport. :slight_smile:

UNIPROSHOP.COM Southern California’s source for quality unicycles, parts & accessories. :roll_eyes:

Good one on uniproshop !

I have been waiting months for UDC to stock 114 mm qu ax cotterless cranks !

A E Bike used to have more uni stuff. They have good prices on pedals and general stuff.

Great Prices

I have to disagree with John. The low price sellers provide a great service to our sport by allowing people on low budgets to get involved. Places like Bike Island and AE Bikes always gave me great service. It is a “mitsva” (The Jewish word for good deed.) to sell KH20s for $375 and KH24s for $415 if you can still make a profit. By doing so many kids and lower income people can afford to get involved in the sport. For a high school kid the $200 difference is a BIG DEAL!

As some of the people above said Google is our friend and we should always do our research before buying.