Good uni park needed in west montreal.

I’ve been living in the west part of montreal, {the west island} and I haven’t seen or found any good unicycle parks or trails. I am an average unicyclist and am interested in finding any cool places to ride in this area. For any one who knows the island well. In Ste-anne-de-belleview, the board walk is nice but I would like more of a challenge. If there are any places that you guys know around the area, plz let me know. If it helps you to know, my uni is a 20".:smiley: :slight_smile: :thinking: :astonished: :angry: :roll_eyes: :sunglasses: :stuck_out_tongue: :wink: :frowning: I was bored

ride around more and more till you find something?
schools are places w/ a lot of potential

i second this statement. I have been riding at the same school for 2 years. the better i get the more stuff i can do, its very fun.

Hey !

If you’re around Montreal, you should check Monotréal (If you don’t already have an account…). It’s a community of unicyclists from all around Quebec, we’re about 80 something, we organize some rides and discuss about everything. You should go take a look, you’re welcome there ! You could also ask your question, I’m sure someome will be able to respond.


EDIT : Oh ! Ok, I think I just found out who you are…are you Claude Deschamps from ? If so, I just wasted 2 minutes of your time, sorry…

no i am noe claud something srry but I will definetly check it out , do you mind telling me what the average age is. thanks

also, I checked the site and is it all french or is it english also.

The site is all french, but most of the members seem to speak both pretty well. I went to montreal a while ago and my french is poor at best (as many of them can attest to), I had a relaly great time and they showed me some really great places to ride.

k thanks. what age group is it.

We’re of all ages, the youngest is 12 years old, and oldest, 43. But no matter what age you have, we have a common passion for one wheel and we welcome everyone ! :slight_smile:

And yes, most of us speak english and french, some of us not really well :stuck_out_tongue: but we try ! And Nathan, I found that you speak pretty well french for someone who didn’t pass his french year ! :wink:

Hope to see you one day !


thanks man, I am seriously thinking of signing up to this thing-a-ma-jig

now back to the main subject of this thread, a lot of ppl are saying that they ride at skools but what stuff there like, teeter tooters, slids, swings what do u do??? :thinking:

ledges, stairs, curbs, gaps, bike racks, cars, principals, girls, the usual… barrells, fences, benches, walkways, anything and everything is a viable obstacle.