Good trials unicycle

I’m thinking of getting a new trials Unicycle. I need it to be really good for jumping, and i don’t really care how expensive it is. any suggestions ?

Well, if money really isnt an issue at all than go for this one. Most likely everybody else on the forums would have told you this, just so you know.

kris holm ftw

edit: this place is cheaper than udc. so order here while it’s still available.

they might not be that cheap for a while.

are those pedals good?

dude Mornish what’s up with your avatar and cute kittens??:wink:

Oh I am sure they are, and if not, you can always replace them!

i have nothing useful to ad, except the KH, the torker dx, and qu-ax are completely bombproof.

Also, im surprised you came back, i figured we scared ya away with that wierd thread

Oh my gosh, that is a sig. worthy qoute right there. You should definatly put that in your signiture veronica!

Not good for bare feet. :wink:

haha shut up

They will be if that company still wants our business. Thats the only reason anyone orders from there.

wait what kind of shoes do you wear? just like sneakers?

I wear skateboarding shoes, both stylish and have a flat sole. I’m sure you care about fashion. :stuck_out_tongue:

thats what i do. I have some with stiff grippy soles and they work fine.

don’t they slip off!

The Koxx unis are as nice as the KH and only $455 at

Haha, you’re thinking too much in terms of style I think. There are skateboarding shoes that don’t slip off as readily, but maybe not as stylish as the ones that do.

Edit: Check this site out:

haha, i like to wear these kind of shoes

i have been for like 6 years.
but people tell me thats bad because they don’t have any soles lol

hahaha, yeah those are no good. Look into that website, I’ve heard good things about DC shoes. I currently wear Elements.