Good trials unicycle

I’m just finishing with my first uni and I’m ready to go onto something that can take a little more. Looking for a 20" uni, something like a nimbus,KH,Koxx, or a torker dx (maybe) etc. my price range is between $200-300. Good condition with little abuse,

Qu-Ax 20 Trials Muni

I have a 20" Qu-Ax that is in really good condition. Has a few scrapes on the cranks from stalling on stuff. This is normal wear for a trials uni. The rim is totally straight, the pedals and cranks are straight. The saddle is in good condition with scrapes on the front and back where they can be expected. I’ve had this for about 2 years and ridden it very little. I’m a motorcycle trials rider and I thought I would get good use out of this. I was wrong. $300, I’ll pay the shipping.

Here’s what it looks like

Let me know

My email address is jaynovero at gmail