Good trials/street frames

im up for ideas, i was gonna use a K1 but its $80 for it. so cheaper good frames.
ive been told Qu-Ax.

(if you want to see what the other parts are ill put a link up just ask me)

Nimbus 2 is what I am told never used one though.

I’ve got the nimbus 2 It’s wicked strong, resonably light, and cheap :).

Some people say the bearing holders are crap, Just ignore them they don’t know what they are talking about.

I’ve got a Nimbus II too. They’re ~$42 if I remember correctly, and they’re VERY strong. I’ve never heard of one breaking. They are, of course, considerably heavier than the KH frames (and, on that same note, than the K1s), but they are very strong and inexpensive.

just spend almost 3x as much and get a KH from UDC

naw, i don’t think $80 is tooo bad if it is the XTP or the black one, but for steel that is way steep.

Haha that would be nice…The XTP frame is $366US and the black domina is $233US (from the k1 site). A KH from Bedford is $150US and the bedford/yuni/nimbus frames are around $40.

Nimbus Ftw.

are the nimbus 2 frames overly wide at the area where the top of tire is?

there like the K1 frames and the other frames. so wide enough for a 2.5" trials

Are you sure the Nimbus is heavier than the K1 have you weighed both of them side by side? I would think their so damn close it wouldn’t make any difference.

Not as bad as the Qu-ax but not as good as KH.

If you’ve got knee-knocking problems, check out the Yuni frame. It’s a bit narrower at the top. And, just as the Nimbus, it’s strong as hell.

CrMo for the win!

I think all the Nimbus style frames are nearly equal in strenght and weight. The only difference is the price so i would buy the cheapest.

Nimbus II, Qu-Ax, Bedford, Yuni and Koxx all use pretty much the same design… like Lutz said get the cheapest one.

EDIT: Joe2005, the Nimbus II and Qu-Ax have the both design so what are you bullshitting haha

Bearing holders are the same on the nimbus as they are on the koxx and other uni’s with the same style frame so go with thte cheaper frame as its exactly the same thing you’re just not paying extra for the koxx frame brand name.

or get the Koxx one dan heaton just cause its sexy!!

It’s a nice idea and it does look sexy for a while, but the layer of clear coat isn’t put on properly and the frame rusts.

KH, all the way.
Light and strong.
Try to beat that Koxx One.

Peter M

Go with KH

Wait until you can afford what you want. The other frames are toys.

No, I haven’t weighed them side-to-side, but I know that the K1 weighs almost the same as the KH, and that JustOneWheel’s KH24 that I rode weighed less than my Nimbus Hoppley even though they both have a KH rim and hub. The only difference is the seatpost and cranks (mine are qu-ax cranks). My unicycle is also a trials (19" wheelset & shorter frame), so that means that the KH frame is VERY light - and it is. VERY light. I wish I had one. Someday I will, but, until then, the Nimbus II frame is an excellent choice.