Good trial unis?

I was wondering what is a good trial uni under $300? Is the
Nimbus 20-inch Trials any good? I’m a begginer in trials. I
want a trial uni for Christmas.

buy a time machine for $50. then go back 2 months and buy a summit! i wish i did.

Muahhahahah! I got mine just in time! Im so happy!

Alex :smiley:

u should get an onza. I know ur price range but save up for one its worth it

Re: Good trial unis?

A guy on EBay is selling Summits, one at a time.

A friend of mine bought the first one for $188.51. The second one went
yesterday evening for $222.50.

Here is the third one:

Other than the pedals, the uni is as described in the item listing. The
listing says the pedals are alloy, but in fact they are some kind of plastic
or resin.

Too bad the saddle is a Viscount.


Mark Newbold
Shelburne, Vermont USA

I jsut checkout the eBay Summit. Wow, that sure does NOT look like a Viscount saddle but rather a KH freestyle saddle.

I was lucky enough to get a Summit form Unicycle.Com - as did at least five or six others in our club. We all LOVE them!

It comes with a Viscount saddle. In fact bumper screws on the saddle are already pre-loosened so you don’t have to ride it for the usual half-hour before the screws fall out.

Don’t go by the pictures on the listing. The guy stole those pictures from somewhere (guess where).

Go for the Nimbus if you’re not sure that you’ll get into it! It’s good for the money! And easily upgradable if you decide you like trials!

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