Good Trial/Street/Flat Unicycle

Hi guys!

I’m searching for an optimal unicycle for me. Now I’m riding about 4 month a very heavy trial unicycle 20" with around 6.2 kg, the frame is made of steel.

I’ve tried to make some flat tricks, but I think the unicycle is not optimal.

Could you recommend me perfect parts for my rides or even a unicycle which should be very good for those three disciplines?
30% Trial, 30% Street and 40% Flat

Thx in advance!


Riding Muni since Feb 2010
Riding Trial since Juli 2012

Well depending on your price range there are 3 super good ones.
Nimbus trials, Kris Holm, Impact Gravity or Reagent

Very important for me is, that it’s very durable and stable. So maybe I also want to ride through rough terrain when I want to.

I want to have a frame which is very durable, and has a flat crown. From the form I like the KH, because the edges are a little rounded. Isn’t the Reagant frame very thick?

The cranks should be for Flat and also for the other disciplines. So do you think the KH Spirit with rolls will be good?

Have you heard anything about the QX frame compared to KH20 frame?

Is the Wheel from a Qu-ax 20" Trial a good one regarding weight and stability or should I change it?
(maybe an Impact Wheel)

The price does matter, but I really want a “dream-uni” and don’t want to buy another in the next 2 years.

Thanks a lot!


If you don’t mind spending more money and want a ‘dream uni’ you should get a custom uni. I have tried many of these parts but i have heard that these are good:

impact naomi seat
kh frame
m41 hub (32h for bike trial rims)
idk what rim but singly wall for lighter uni and double wall for stronger wheel.
spirit cranks

Or if you don’t want a custom uni a KH is probably the best, but I’ve heard that moments are bad for flatland.

To those of you who disagree just say so because i havent tried these parts, only read about them…

  • Impact Naomi Seat
  • KH Frame
  • Spirit Cranks with rollos for Flat tricks

I’ve also read about this parts, and I like them.
What do you think about an Impact Wheel, is it strong?