good street seat

k i was thinkin im gonna put the seat from the torker LX on my uni cuz im startin to ride street and i found its easier to sif hop on it cuz its small. and light.

i was wondering where i could buy one cuz i didnt see it on or koxx-one. and, i live in the US so i dont want to buy from some european country…


and if at all possible it would be cool to get a color other than BLACK. maybe something to match my uni


I don’t know if i should put this link here, cause you obviously didn’t look.

for a truly good street seat, use a miyata carbon fiber base, SW carbon fiber handle and a KH cover

Something like a nice red would make it stand out. Like my TX is.

What kind of uni do you have now? Type of seat post? If you really want to use an LX saddle (I think it’s crap) you need a Myata type seatpost. Everything else uses a standard post.

Two less expensive options are:
KH Street Fusion
Nimbus Gel

i have the dx. and i was wanting a color OTHER than black.
can anyone tell me where to get one?

the KH street fusion is available in more colours, and so are all the KH saddles actually. Also the koxx saddles if u want sommit abit weirder :smiley:

Try UDC ( :smiley: Then go to… I’ll make easier for you since you’re new and i like helping others with the problems that they may have. :smiley: :smiley:

Good torker 1

Kris Holm saddles/seats

Take care and hoped this helped my friend

yeah thanks man.

but i already have the torker saddle… its comfy but its too big for street riding i think. and those kh ones look cool… theyre just a little out of my budget. maybe ill just get one later…

are the kh seats light?
and confortable?
i mostly need a saddle good for sif hopping and sif riding


try the nimbus gel, its just like the kh streets and only cost 39 bucks

yeah try the nimbus Gel.

And all the non CF saddles are roughly as light as each other. The KH saddles are very nice. but the nimbus gel is very similar.

i built up my miyata cf seat frame this evening, i tried it this afternoon and it’s very stiff i like it a lot :slight_smile: i think it’s a good seat for street/trial riding

You could probably just cut down your seat foam on the DX seat and solve the problem without spending any money! I don’t know the details about doing so, but i believe there was a tutorial on here not too long ago. Try searching for it, I remember the feedback being good. Good luck in you search for the perfect saddle!