good starter unicycle that can be upgraded

basically what the title said. i am hoping to learn soon and would like to know what a good starter uni would be. i have been thinking about the torker lx. opinions or advice please. im planning on riding a lot too, like distance stuff, so i need an all around uni.

the lx is prolly your best bet for a beginner you can upgrade it but not much once you upgrade it enought its not an lx any more but yea…its what i learned on and the one my friends used 2 learn and after 7 ppl learning how 2 ride getting ran over by a motercycle and some skate board jerk trying 2 ollie over it and missed its still in good condition…so yes the lx

im kinda short too(5’2-3"), and the lx has a 400 mm seat post, so will that be okay?

you can cut it with a hack saw or a pipe cutter. but yes the lx is an excellent uni.

yes you will have 2 cut it…by all means for the sake of your family jewls dont try and get on it with out cutting it down abit im nearly 6ft tall and lett me tell yea my first attemp on the uncut seat post was verry painfull

and good luck, let the force be with you

at 5’2 ur fine u could fit on the 26 in version

thanks for the help, i think im gonna go with the 20".

Harder to learn on a 20" ?

I bought a 20" savage about 4 years ago and tooled around on it, never getting past 50 meters in a straight line. Recently I decided to give it another go and am wondering if I would be better with a wider wheel as well as taller.

20" are way easyer to learn on and people say skinnyer tires give you more controle but for learning decrese the tire pressure a bit thenit gives you more surface area just keep trying

Ok, thanks. I run a ton of air pressure because I’m way heavy. At 6’4 280 I’m wondering what I need to do, aside from eat less cheese burgers. Should I bump air pressure up to a more firm 60psi?

it should squash a little when you get on

a little not to much…or you could just get a wider tire and run it at the same pressure…but the biggest tire that will fiut on your rim is like 2.2/

a year (actually riding) later and 1k posts more.