Good start

Some of you might remember I broke my arm trying silly things a while ago… I got on my uike again for the first time last night… All I can say is, if it does that, I need to break my arm again - I got on and the first thing I did was ride one footed in a figure of 8, (yayness).

One thing I still couldn’t get consistent was saddle out - My saddle is quite low, so I had it pressed against my favourite foot leg. I seem to be able to get about 4 revs and then always loose it because I can’t hold the saddle in place, anyone got any tips?


i dont run my saddle to high, but i find practising hopping seat out helps, i lernt to hop and hold the saddle at arms length before i tired seat out riding, just try and regulate your pedal strokes make them really even, i find going at quite a slow pace really helps, well there my advise im no seat out pro. tips on seat out back anyone???

Re: Good start

It’s all in your feet. That is, when you get better your hand/arm won’t be doing much. So think about easing the pressure on the seat with your hand. Your legs and feet will have to work a little harder and get a little smarter.

The logical extension of this is when you do seat drags where it’s all legs and no pressure on the seat at all.