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> I recently did some mail-order with Dube after finding their Web page. Their
> service is excellent, their packaging high quality and I received the goods
> very quickly – to Australia!
> Dube have Jack Wiley’s book (more like a photocopy) available for $27.95. They
> take credit cards and e-mail orders, so what are you waiting for?
> Their web page is: Their e-mail address is:
> For anyone interested in Juggling, get a hold of their catalogue. It’s
> quality stuff!

I added Dube to the online FAQ this weekend and include their address, phone
numbers, and references to their page and mailbox. They also sell Semcycles,
although they don’t show up on the WWW catalog yet. They used to sell Miyata’s,
but being a US company they have no more to sell.


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