Good shoes for crankrolling tricks?

So I just learned how to push mush and I’ve been working on rolling wraps. After a couple of days of practice I chewed a hole through the bottom of my right shoe where the crank rolls under my foot. They’re a pair of vans that were getting worn out but the part of the sole that became perforated was almost untouched before.

I’ve been using K-1 street cranks which have pretty sharp edges, and getting KH moments isn’t an option. I have a new pair of Lakais that are a little too big. They have a reinforced area in the middle of the sole about where the hole was made in the vans, so I think that pair will be more durable.

Until I grow into my Lakais I need an new pair.
Any recommendations??

I see a lot of people wearing Nike 6.0s in vids but I hate Nike shoes cause they’re too narrow. I wouldn’t mind a shoe with a slightly stiffer sole though cause these skate shoes I’ve been buying tend to be pretty flexible.

Damn, I was about to recommend Nike 6.0 and then I got to the end xD. They’re all I were when unicycling, and I do mostly flatland. I’ve tried some Osiris, Vans halfcabs, and other random shoes and I’ve found 6.0s to be the most durable. Also, if you put like stiff insoles into whatever shoes you’re wearing it can help with the stiffness a ton. I used to always have bruises on the arch of my foot from landing wrong crankflipping drops or whatever, but I found these really rigid insoles laying around that I guess my mom bought ages ago, and no more bruises. :slight_smile:

Adidas Ciero Mid

So I landed up trying out some Adidas Ciero Mids that I got for 40$. They’re a cupsole skate shoe that are supposed to be pretty durable and they feel a lot stiffer than my old vans. The sole is a little more flexible in the toe area and gets stiffer under the arch and heel so it’s a nice hybrid. So far I’m happy with them and I’d recommend them to anyone else looking for a Nike alternative. :sunglasses:

I would be interested in hearing what shoes other people use, how long they last what breaks first, etc.

I have high tops. The website doesn’t appear to have the style I have, perhaps that is why I got it at Ross.
I wanted stiff high tops for ankle support.