Good setup?

Would this trials set up be better than a 2006 torker DX?
NImbus 2 frame-$42
NImbus Trials rim-$35
Quax hub and crankset-$125
Torker Lx seatpost-$12
Summit BMX pedals-$15
Classic seat(Yes I am a cheapo)-$20
Think it would be any good?

the lx seat post and classic seat wont work. get your spokes from danscomp because they will be cheapier. other then that it is good

OK thanks.

You’ll still have to assemble your wheel at a lbs, unless you know how to do it yourself. That seat would be very uncomforable most likely, plus it has no handle.

If you just get the dx, all you do is put the pedals on, bolt the frame down and put the seat on for 10$ less(which is a much more comfortable seat with a handle). Although the qx crankset may be a bit stronger than the dx one. Plus I think they’re making them with the new 07 frame now so you won’t have to worry about it snapping.

I’d just go for the dx personally, but it’s up to you.

Ok Dx it is.