good sale goin on!

Udc is having a “may tsunami” sale. The kh 07 is 380$, and the phantom hoppley went from 500 to 350! although I wouldn’t be insterested in the kh because i’m afraid the frame would snap.

oh and they finally have green nimbus frames!

I was gonna get just the frame, but i decided to just get a whole 'nother nimbus haahahahahha.

I wassssss going to get the hoppley before I saw the green frame, but it’s not isis either so i’ll be happier with the green nimbus.

someone should get the pink hoppley! lol I wanna see someone riding it

the frame wouldnt snap right away. there not as weak as you think

did for me : )

actually though I should mention I gotta have the seat really high for me. So the entire time the stock seatpost was not in far enough…but I had to do that. I’m not sure if that has anything to do with why it snapped so fast, but i’m sure it couldn’t help…

oh yeah if you have your seat higher its easier to break a frame then if you would have it lower

More leverage.:wink: