good ride today

great riding around today, jeff lutkus, me and john(other MUni’r) went all over campus hopping on stuff, and i learned so many new things–

went down large group of stairs, i now feel comfortable with any number of semi-wide stairs, or a few regular stairs.
learned how to jump mount–i saw john do it, and i had to try, missed by a little bit the first 2 times, got it on the third time, didnt miss after that
learned how to suicide mount! first try, no problem, 2nd and 3rd too, but on the fourth i got lazy and the seat flew down in front of me, now i can get that one every time too
did a very nice upwards gap, scared me for a long time, but i finally got it
did my thin ride on something above the ground, as in- it would hurt if i fell either way
rode around in the ice rink, that was kinda cool, really lets you work on control, esp. when freemounting, if you go too fast, you lose grip and slip out, so you have to do everything really slow–i tried hopping, up and down is no problem, dont try side-to-side, it hurts, then i did some forward jumps, they work pretty well, teaches you to start pedaling right when you hit the ground, then i did a really cool thing–i went to jump forward, but instead i just locked my back leg and went sliding down the ice, then pedalled out just like a regular hop, anyone who gets the chance should try this, its a lot of fun(anyone up for some REAL uniHockey?)

I go to RIT as well. In fact I may know you. This is Sal, you know that guy named Sal. Anywho, next time you go muniing give me a ring or something. I will have a real muni in a week and a half and I will be out of town this weekend. I can ride my savage for now.

AIM: Epochalypse2042
email: ssg7108
phone: 442-2429

thanks, I cant wait to ride with someone. I will be at monday meetings whenever i dont have work and i will be at wednesday meetings starting next week.