Good ride at Flat Rock, Texas

Wow, that’s a lot of bikes, and good exposure for muni. I wonder what the total attendance was? Where are the race results posted?
Like I said before, wouldn’t that be a great event to get a big muni turnout next year?


The results can be found here:

That was my whole plan, expose the mtb community to MUni. I’m sure there were well over 2500 people overall. Maybe next year with a little better planning, we can have a bigger MUni turnout and perhaps a race class for them.

Did you find an improvement after lowering the seat like Scott suggested?

I really don’t know, yet. I lowered it Sunday morning, but it was hard to tell any real improvement, as I was severely hungover!!! I haven’t had a chance to ride this week after work yet. I’ll let ya’ know after I put some more time in the saddle with it lowered