Good ride at Flat Rock, Texas

Krashin’Kenny and I drove up to Flat Rock Ranch in Comfort, Texas yesterday. It will be the site of the STORM Hill Country Mountainbike Challenge next weekend, and they have invited the area muni riders to attend and provide fun and variety, if not actually racing. This was my first chance to ride there, Kenny has ridden and raced there on a 2 wheeled contraption many times.
Kenny had his new muni to break in, and he rode the lower areas. He is doing great, the fat tire treats him well.
I planned on riding the 9 mile XC loop, but I succumbed to all of the mountain bikers (well-meaning) suggesting that I didn’t want to do that. I was also getting a late start, so I rode the 5 mile Time Trial course instead. The start is at the creek, so the first half of the course is mostly climbing, on slightly rocky single track and fire roads. The ascents are all muni climbable, but the duration and tight switchbacks make it tough. About the time I began wondering if I was having fun, I reached the top and had lots of fun winding downhills ahead of me, and I was soon at the finish. It took me 50 minutes to do the 5 miles. I am sure I could take 5 minutes or more off of that now that I know what to expect.
After running the TT course, I wanted to see some of the XC course. I rode/walked up one of the major killer ascents, then enjoyed the downhills that followed. It was mostly winding singletrack with some technical rocky drops and slopes. Everything was more extreme and more scenic than the TT course. I probably rode 4 miles of it and stopped because it was getting late. I wish I would have had time to do it all, but my legs probably preferred it this way. All of the bikers back at camp seemed surprised and impressed that I was wearing a big smile after the terrain I had ridden. I didn’t even draw blood, although Kenny did.
Flat Rock is a fun, very challenging place to muni, and I will be going back whenever I can. If anyone wants to check it out, go to
Hopefully we will stir up some interest on race day.

Scott Wallis

Glad ya’ liked Flat Rock Ranch. I really enjoyed getting a chance to “break in” my new MUni in it’s enviroment. Looking forward to next weekend’s race. It usually draws anywhere from 600 to close to 1000 people, between spectators and racers. It will be an excellent chance to expose everyone to the sport of MUni-cycling!!!

Thanks for going there and posting the review guys. I will definitely be there on Saturday. The description of the XC loop was pretty much in line with what I was told about it.

Hey guys, I should be at Flat Rock @ 1-1:30 on Saturday. I sent everyone’s name in to Jimmy so he can put us on the guest list. When you arrive, just tell the people that are collecting money at the gate that you are on Jimmy’s list and that you are one of the unicyclists. After you leave that check-in area, take a left at the gate and Camp MOJO will be on your left after you go down the hill. I’ll be looking for ya’ll

Scott, we didn’t have a TT at Flat Rock last yaer, but the slowest beginner woman did the beginner couse in 1 hour and 38 minutes if this will help put things in perspective for you.

Doug & Scott,
Here’s a link to the schedule of events so we can coordinate our riding schedule:

Re: Good ride at Flat Rock, Texas

Are you planing to camp there? If so, what kind of camp is it? Do you =
bring your own tent or do they have log cabins? Are there going to be =
enough restrooms for all the hundreds of riders or do we go behind a =

I think Kenny is camping, not sure about any other riders. The camping facilities are described here:

I would hope they have enough porta-potties. I have not heard any complaints about the campgrounds on

Plow, are you planning to come and ride your uni, if so I need your full name so that I can get you on the guest list. There will be plenty of port-a-potties. Camping is primitive (bring your tent). There are also some outdoor showers available.

Hello Texas muni friends, (do you mind if I use this thread to check in with you guys?)

I wish I could join you guys. My muni is still off-limits according to the doctor. He took the cast off yesterday and gave me a wrist guard to wear instead. He told me it would be very risky to ride until the bones get stronger - another 4 weeks. It’s driving me crazy and I’ve gained 5 pounds.

Unibaby - Please call or email when you want your shin guards back. I’d be glad to meet you somewhere.



Sorry to hear you can’t ride yet but I figured it was a little soon. Whenever you are ready we will do a ride and work that 5 pounds back off.


Glad to hear you’re healing up. You’re more than welcome to come out to Flat Rock and watch the races, camp and drink!!!
Your name is on the list so you can get in free if you’re interested!

Hey guys, I really enjoyed the ride on Saturday. I did my best to keep up with Scott as we both rode the 9 mile upper loop and then Kenny joined us later for a shorter ride. The loop was very challenging Muni terrain for me, lots of rocks, dips, short hills, and a few really tough long climbs. I must have walked over 30% of the way, especially towards the end as I started getting tired, but Scott never seemed to slow down. I think it is perhaps the best Muni terrain among the 5 trail systems I’ve ridden.

Doug, I’m so glad you and Scott got a chance to come out and ride Flat Rock Ranch. There is definately some good trail riding out there. Some of it’s still a little more than I can handle at this point but I’m glad ya’ll enjoyed it. All of the mountain-bikers that I spoke to were quite impressed with the MUni’s. There were even a few that were actually interested in looking into a MUni as their next investment!!!

Race day


I had a great time and I am glad you did. You didn’t walk as much as you think. I had a big advantage by having ridden half the course the week before. I knew what to expect and for me, that really lowers the anxiety level and helps me pace properly. Wasn’t it a blast to hear all the comments from the racers on the trail? Everyone was so surprised to see us that far up in that terrain that they almost all made comments of respect. Some said nothing, but there were no negative comments as far as I know.

After the loop ride, Doug, Kenny, and I rode around the spectator areas most of the afternoon talking to people, doing some tricks, and answering lots of questions. I did some lame trials stuff in the creek, hopping across concrete chunks and eventually dumping it in the water. I found out my muni floats really well. I spent 9 hours in the saddle, some of it just sitting on it talking, but I was on it all day. Wearing my sweaty Roach armor that long gave me some pretty painful chafing behind my knees, but otherwise, no problem.

Kenny has gotten several mountain bikers interested in muni and apparently they attempted some riding at the big party after I left. I’m sure that was amusing.

This race is really a big event and I think we should try to get a good muni turnout next year. They would definitely make a class for us and support us any way they can. Flat Rock is always open for riding for $6 a day, another $4 for camping.


Re: Race day

Scott, I forgot to mention the “MUni riding 101” session. Sometime between midnight and 2 a.m. (and alot of alcohol) Jackie thought it would be a good idea to bring out the MUni and show everybody how to ride it.

Lesson 1: Masive quanities of beer and MUni’s don’t mix very well

Lesson 2: Almost any mtbiker will try to uni when beer is involved

Lesson 3: The ground is alot closer and alot harder after midnight

Lesson 4: Those crazy coon-ass Downhillers from Louisianna don’t give up very easily

Lesson 5: Some drunk mtbikers actually CAN freemount and ride a few feet when full of alcohol.

Lesson 6: Sunday morning you realize where all the scrapes and bruises came from after knowing you never crashed and actually hit the ground during the daylight hours

I so gotta party with you guys!

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Tim, come on down!!!
I’m not familiar with your location in Canada, but my daughter goes to school in Massachusetts and it’s only 2200 miles from here!!! hehehe

Oh - I so gotta check the location line! :roll_eyes:

Mapblast says: estimated travel time is 30 hours, 7 minutes for 2009.78 miles of travel.

Wonder how long that’ll take on a 20". Maybe I’ll wait for the 24"; it’ll save some travel time.

On the bright side, I should be a pretty good rider by the time I get there.

And I’ll be riding a semi-slick!



I would say do it on a Coker with a muni strapped to your back. Otherwise it would just be crazy.:slight_smile:

Hey Scott and Doug,
The race turnout was bigger than I thought. We just got the official numbers in: 803 racers and 50 downhillers and the second largest turnout for Kid’s Cup!!!