Good Practice spots? Street/Flatland

Hello, just started back up my unicycling, and I want to get serious again. I can’t really do all that much, Ride forward, backwards, hop stuff, 180, and 180 unispin, and that’s really IT. So I’ve been trying to find places that I could practice on curbs, interesting objects, flat areas, small hills etc.

I was also hoping for places with lower people traffic, I can only stand being asked the same questions so many times, so I try to avoid places with lots of people.

The skateparks I know of around here are really small and overcrowded, so I would try to avoid that, I did think of things like costco parking lots and such.

So how bout it, what are some good ideas for palces for me to practice? I’d like to try flatland, some street, and some hill-oriented abilities.

Thanks in advance.

You may have picked the wrong sport.

You’ve got decades of “where’s your other wheel” and “is that hard” questions ahead of you.

I’d say ask the skaters where they like to ride. Seems you’ll need the same terrain, and I’ll bet they’ve already found the places with/without security guards or cameras.

Multi-level parking garages are great places with lots of concrete, some curbs and hills, and little pedestrian traffic.

Ah yes I might have phrased that a bit differently. I should have said I prefer places where I do not get that as much.

Parking garage is a great idea. So long as I chose properly and was discreet. I know of a few that do not get many cars near the top levels. But occasionally I have had encounters with parking staff about skating down the parking garages (just on a cruiser board to get to classes, but they don’t know the difference and everyone is scared of legal issues.)

I have had several occasions however where the unique-ness of unicycling and the curiosity of people kept me from getting in trouble.

Thank you for your suggestion!

I just pack a backpack full of tools/water/camera and go ride around my town, then when I see a cool spot I’ll stop and session it until I get kicked out or bored and move on. Works pretty good I think.


Pack a bit of food and water and just go out riding, you’ll quickly find a few spots. Do it often, as new spots will open up to you as you continue to get better :slight_smile:

throw some headphones on while your at it too, riding with music is much better imo, then you won’t be able to hear anyone :slight_smile: haha

I used to live in Goleta so I’d just cruise around some of the local middle schools or go through the Lake Los Carneros nature preserve. They usually had some fun stair sets or ramps to glide down at the schools. Which major street do you live near?

The UCSB campus is pretty fun as well. Other than that, Rocky Nook if you want to practice natural trials. SBCC looks like it could be really fun as well. These places are fairly deserted on the weekends.

I usually muni anytime I go through Santa Barbara which is several times per year, so I’ll shoot you a message if you want to go for a ride. I usually go to Tucker’s Grove to reacquaint myself with my muni and then I do Romero or Cold Springs. Saddle Rock is too effing ridiculous for me.

Have fun!


Ooh some very good suggestions. Thank you everyone.

Sad point on the music part, my ipod has been broken for some time. And I have been spending all my money on music related things so I haven’t upgraded. Maybe it’s time to find and bust out the old am/fm walkman haha

Awesome, I appreciate the info and it’s nice to have a local contact. It says I have been unicycling since 09, but I had stopped for a long time due to injuring me knees repeatedly.

I mention this so that you know I am still a noob with a funky unistar lx 20. I am a quick learner though, and have done many of the local trails on my MB

I actually live on the mountain, up in the painted cave community. a lot of great locals spots to practice muni if I had one, and I’m dying to try it. I travel down to SB to my college campuses downtown a few times a week. I like the UCSB idea a lot. Hadn’t thought of that.

Oh wow you’re way up there! Cool :slight_smile:

Knee strain is a bitch. I tweaked my knee about 8 months ago and I still feel it act up a little bit when I muni. It’s been getting better but I don’t muni much right now; no trails around here.

I should be in town during the 3-day weekend in February. I hope I have some time to meet you and hang out! Maybe we can drag the other SB people out of hiding.


That would be very cool, maybe my knees will be conditioned and I will have some more skills up my sleeve by then.

The issue is mostly my right knee, I hyper extended it really badly once, and I re-strain i tfrom time to time. Today I was trying to learn 1ft ww with the help of a wall. But fell on my ass and somehow strained it, it hurt like hell for about 30 seconds and I couldn’t move, but then I was able to stand and go to class. It’s sore right now, a nights sleep will help it I think.

Schools can be good. Might be different in the US but in NZ there’s never people around in the weekends or at night.

But you’ve really just got to look around yourself.

Great suggestion, I’d image some lower-grade schools would have absolutely nobody around on the weekends or night.

Schools are great places to uni, just look at some of Jess Riegel’s stuff (was that UCSB too)
Unfortunately in the UK schools are locked up tighter than a ducks bum underwater.
I usually use some local government (council) buildings as there’s steps, ramps, walls, lighting and dry bits if it’s raining.