Good places to unicycle?

any good places to unicycle? like for trials…or some mountains or something…thanks

me and my friend are going on a road trip so we want some cool place

If you will be in Wisconsin, stop by Whitewater. I know some nice spots, and I don’t get to uni with people often enough.

So you live in Wisconsin? That’s not to far from me. I go there all the time for little vacations and stuff. Do you live by the “Big” mall? I live in Negaunee Michigan. You should come to Negaunee and we can go Muniing! That reminds me isn’t there a bunch of snow there now? How can you do any descent riding at this time?

Anywhere there is anything.

There isn’t any snow around here. It’s all melted. I don’t know what you mean by the “big” mall, but if you mean Janesville yes I live near there. I looked on mapquest, it says It is a six hour drive

umm… yea thats alot farther away than i thought:(


no i dont mean Janesville either, i dont know what the mall is called.

in response to where can you ride. if you can see it you can ride it. thats half the fun of just looking around, you get to see some real cool stuff that you can ride.

yeah I know that I can unicycle ANYTHING but I was wondering of good like states? cuz I am going on a road trip and I want a “destination” for lack of better words…no matter were I go I am still going to stop with everything I see…I was just wondering were would be good for like mountain range wise and all that stuff…like moab or however you spell it I have heard is AMAZING…so places like that…
and for the kid in white water…how old are you and I will deffinatly contact you if I ever go uni there

All of the Rocky Mountain states should have great MUni available; both Colorado and Utah do, certainly. California and Nevada have awesome riding along the Sierras, and some nice stuff along the coast as well, although in the more urban areas a lot of the really fun stuff isn’t legal for bikes.

well this spot is across the border but would be so worth your time, it called Buckwallow it has single tracktrails that range from smooth as a babys bottom to rough as…umm…well somthing really rough and covered with roots. but it is so cool just google search “Buckwallow cycling center” and you will get nothing but good ratings. plus it costs like $6 per day :sunglasses:

Thank God we aren’t bikers. :slight_smile:

Any where

Ride any where then just photoshop it… i just rode in front of my house but look u cant tell i am in front of my house!!! now can u?

Unispin1 copy.jpg


Wait until late March for lots of company.

I know it’s a little far, but any snow there is usually decorative, on the mountains in the background.

Or come out to CA. We’ve got some great trails up here in the Sacramento/San Francisco areas.

that is hilarious.