Good place to get unicycling on TV.

I just signed up for the “Fuel” cable network, an all “action sports” cable channel. There is a show on Fuel titled “Project Detention” that shows non-professionally-produced sports videos. Fuel and Project Detention are both well produced. The websites are and
The only additional info I know is that Project Detention focuses on videos produced by younger (high school-age and younger) filmmakers and editors. Fuel may be open to airing professionally-produced unicycling videos. Make sure you really read the video and music clearance documents before sending in your submissions.

This seems like a great way to promote unicycling to a much larger audience.

that’s cool

A friend of mine who gets ‘Fuel’ here in Australia said he’s seen unicycing on there twice already! He’s going to tape it the next time he sees it. Apparently some of the mountain biking guys who are on the show regularly are also mountain and trials unicyclists. I’ve never seen the show/channel but it sounds interesting.


It would really be great to see some of our younger unicyclists on the “Project Detention” show. Maybe you all could send in some of the videos you have posted on

My brother and I will be entering high school next year and we are planning to make a video of our best riding. Do you think a video imported into the computer by a firewire port and put back onto a tape would be high enough quality?

You can see our other movies in the gallery. Our album is called “Uni412’s Trials and Street Album”.

Reid… Check your PM’s

Uni 412,
Yes, “video through firewire and back to tape” would be ok, just don’t compress the video too much when you load it to your hard drive. The more video compression you use, the worse your video will look. Check your hardware and editing software. Some editing software allows you do make all of your edit decisions in a low video quality (but hard drive space-saving) rough cut and then do a high video quality conform based on your edit list. If your hard drive is large enough you may just be able to load the video to your hard drive in high video quality, edit this footage, and output that video straight to tape. Your storage needs will depend on how much raw footage you want to work with and how long you expect the finished piece to be. Try some very simple edit jobs and see the output quality for yourself.

Thanks. Maybe I’ll send a video in this summer. It would be really cool to see it on TV.