Good pedals with hex key axle

Hi guys,

Wondering if anyone could suggest some decent pedals with a hex key hole in the axle, instead of requiring a pedal spanner. I’m looking to speed up the process of fitting and removing my pedals since I’ve just invested in a) 150mm/127mm drilled prowheel cranks and b) in some self extracting cotterless crank bolts.

Both of which mean that when I a) change crank holes or b) change to a completely different length set of cranks I need to be able to easily get the pedals on and off. Have a hex key in the end of the axle offers several possibilities:

I’d be able to adjust almost everything on my uni with a few hex keys.
I’d be able to use a ratchet screwdriver, or maybe a pump action screwdriver to undo my pedals quickly.
I could use a power screwdriver to undo my pedals really quickly :smiley:

Wait, so you want to reduce the number of tools you need to take your unicycle apart, but then you talking about some crap involving ratcheting screwdrivers and power tools? You need to get your priorities straight.

Never mind the disadvantages that stripping the hole or the hex key would be piss easy if you’re not doing the heavy tightening or loossening with a real wrench. Or that a wrench with a 90* bend right before the open end would do everything you want without some custom pedal axles.

Crank Brothers Eggbeater SL pedals have only the hex key and no 15mm spanner flats. Great pedals too. :smiley:

The Sun-Ringle Zuzu pedals have the hex key hole. I use the Zuzu pedals on my Coker. Nice Cokering pedals and the shape makes them easier to adjust your foot.

For big block platforms there’s the Speedplay Drillium.

But the hex key option really isn’t that convenient. It’s harder to get the pedal tight. It’s harder to remove a tight pedal. You don’t get as much leverage on the spanner.

But the killer is that unicycles have that blasted wheel and spokes in the way. A bike has clear access to the backside of the crank. A unicycle does not. You’ll have to fit the tool between the back of the crank and the spokes.

DMR V12s have both the 15mm flats and the allen key in the rear. I presume this goes for the V8s too.

Yes it does (just happen to have a pair of V8s on the desk beside me).


koxx one butterflys…

Remember we’re talking about changing pedals mid ride here. It’d be nice to reduce the number of actual bolt sizes used on the uni. It’d also be nice not to be sitting in the rain and mud longer than necessary playing with a pedal spanner.


  1. not spending time sitting in the rain and mud
  2. would be nice if the same tool could adjust more bits of the uni

With a decent quality hex key and decently hard pedal axles I don’t think I’d expect to strip anything in the process. There’s no reason I couldn’t unstick stiff pedals using a wrench and then use a screwdriver to undo the pedal mmm? In any case, I put teflon grease on my pedal threads so that they (hopefully) won’t stick to tight.

The reason I wanted to ask here is because it’s not a custom deal; lots of pedals do have hex keys in (and/or flats). I just need to know which ones.

Ah, awesome - thanks guys. i’d been thinking about the V8s / V12s for some time. Could be awesome.

Oh they are, very awesome. Some people say the unsealed v8s are prefferable, but I’ve been running the v12s on my muni for about 4 years now, and with a strip and grease every 6 months they’ve been good as gold.