Good Pedals For Unicycling?

I have used welgo (cheep) pedals in the past. My last 3 sets have all snapped in half, the bearing have become shot, and the grip pins have wore down. I am looking at buying a new pair, but dont know what brands or types are worth the money.

Wellgo make pedals for quite a few other manufacturers.

I like the Gusset Slim Jims. Fairly lightweight, thin, good grip but not overly girppy.

I also like Snafus (sealed bearing), but they are pretty heavy.

Depends on what type of Uni riding you do. These pedals I use pretty much for Muni and road racing.

I use magnesium pedals on all my unis (trials, muni and 29). They have a lot of grip, are extremly light and if you choose the right seller, they are also cheap. Prices can vary between 40 and 100€.

Those are exactly same as Wellgo MG1 you can find easily on Ebay at a good price.