good pedal grabbing pedals

im wondering what a good strong pedal would be good for pedal grabbing?

Snafu o/s’s. Danscomp has them for 15 unsealed, and 30-40 sealed. I’ve had them for awhile now, and havnt had any problems.

Edit: Upon double checking, the unsealed’s are only available in 1/2 inch.

I quite like Primo Tenderizers, but others prefer longer pins.

I have the BMX bulletproof alloy blablabla platform whatever they’re called pedals, found here:

I don’t think they’re very good for pedal grabbing, though, Because the top is sort of concave to fit your foot. That’s my theory, but I can’t stick the first part of a pedal grab very well.

Does someone have any tips for sticking the first part of a pedal grab? I usually either get the pedal + crank on it, or I lean away from the object when I land and fall off. Or occasionally I miss completely and scrape half the skin off my leg.

They are actually pretty good for pedal grabs but I bent my left pedal after some bigger drops. So now I have 1 black and 1 yellow pedal, and it fits the color scheme perfectly.

Odyssey Jim Cielenki pedals are really good pedals for trials. Good shape, good grip and the pins don’t get bashed out like Snafu’s do.

Tony, Are you talking about the old, or new style snafu’s? Iv been pedal grabbing alot over the last couple months (onto concrete alot) and havent had a single pin drop out. I love em. But Iv heard good about the Cielenki’s.

I’m talking about the new ones. Yeah, I believe the old style Snafus were better, but they’re very hard to get now. The Jim C’s are the best pedals I’ve ever ridden (but I can’t compare them to the old Snafus as I don’t own any.)

I wholeheartedly agree. Somehow Odyssey managed to make grippy pedals with short pins. This means they work and don’t fall apart (you want that)

Snafus tend to lose pins. Cheapies (BMX, Bulletproof, KH stock wellgos) tend to snap in half.