Good news finally :)

After more days of delay, I finally got my new LX home.
Just got it put together, pressured the tire to 60psi, and then got it in a doorway and got up on it :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
Rotated the wheel 1/4 turn and realized the seat was way too high. My bottom foot couldn’t reach the pedal. Now what do I do to get off this thing??? hmmmm.
I just backed up, got bottom tire down and leaned back and stepped off! No UPD for me! (YET!).
Any way, I have to do some hacksawing on the seatpost (maybe 3 inches or so) and will try that.
This oldfatboy is so jived psyched etc, that I can barely write this posting :slight_smile:
I finally have my uni and can officially start to join the world of unicycling

Sounds cool. Welcome to the fine world of unicycling.

Thanks juggle*
Pretty humorous how I had to get adjusted while on the seat. That took some doing! :wink:
I was on the seat for 5 to 10 minutes just getting the feel for the thing.
Now just have to make some marks on the post and go do some cutting.

I advise since you are new, to get some wrist guards and knee pads. It saved me from lots of bruises and possible injuries. And learn to fall FORWARD not backward(if you can).

I can’t imagine stopping to post on the newsgroup before riding my new unicycle.

If you haven’t started cutting yet, you might want to try a (strong) pipe cutter if you have one. It makes a nicer cut. Don’t use a little wimpy one though, it might break.

Once your seat height is where you want it, try to focus your time on riding, rather than posting, for best results! :slight_smile:

I will be getting pads and gloves. I thought I would have them by now, but they ended up being soccer pads/etc. I am going to order 661’s and I already have a helmet that I use b*ke riding.

John, well I did get up on it first thing :slight_smile: My wife is ill and was sleeping so I couldn’t do a lot of cutting w/o disturbing her, so I posted what I had already accomplished :slight_smile:
I cut the post 2 1/2 inches and it feels about right. I even got up on the uni again for my wife to see (I was inside) and moved around a bit on it (maybe 15 minutes worth).
I started to get off and realized I was aiming at our 29 gal aquarium! I decided to move a little before getting off :wink: I stepped off the front and even held onto the seat.
So far, 2 simple mounts. I have pretty much just moved around in the saddle getting a feel for balancing on it. I lean forward, then backward, and then move the pedals 1/4 or 1/2 turn forward and back.
In fact, I won’t be making it to church tonight, so guess it is time to get back on.
Been a while since this 52 yr old boy has been this excited. Probably since making my first dx contact as a ham-radio operator :slight_smile:

Sounds like you are off to a good start. Take it slow and steady. Practice until your legs get tired then rest. Again, my theory behind all of this is that you have to get used to turning the wheel smoothly and with control. During my early training, I found a lot of comfort in keeping the seat low enough that I could touch a foot to the ground while still on the seat. That saved me from a lot of early UPD’s.

These are things that worked for me, other people have different ideas. Do what works for you. Try different things.

Watch out for that fish tank. I have a 50 gallon tank in the room where I did my initial training so I know what you are dealing with.

congrats! mine just came today! mine is too high too. how tall are you? How long is your seatpost?

howdy happy_4_u :slight_smile:
I cut 2 1/2 inches off of my post and may do another inch or so.
I am around 5’10" to 5’11" (been so long since I checked, I forget!)
I just read your topic before reading this one. Congrats to you also. I don’t have a torque wrench, so just snugged things up fairly tight.
I have been on and off mine about 8 times already.
Worst thing for me is the seat! OUCH!
I won’t say bad things about my Trek b*ke seat again! :wink:
I got lots of time to spend or at least as long as my legs hold out. The last 2 times on the uni, I was able to relax my legs and just sit on the seat with all the weight, Felt good to sit, but sure hurt between the legs. Guess I will be bow legged for a while :wink:
newbies! :wink:

look! this is my first threadjack :slight_smile:

I remember my first dx contact too, it is very amazing how radio works. I guess learning to ride a unicycle is like getting a radio license; it takes a bit of time, but lets you do somthing really cool when you are done. by the way, what is your call sign? mine is AC7OP.

Aw man… I wish I had a call sign to share too… I almost got licensed once, but never got around to actually taking the test and buying any equipment… I guess I should brush up a bit and get a ham radio!

Yeah, the seat can hurt bad at first! I know I felt my share of pain… I did one simple modification to my seat that helped quite a bit: I took a hand-towel and some duct tape and made it cushier! It took some experimentation, but after trying a few ways of folding the towel and taping on in different places (a little more forward or back) I found it helped a lot. Plus, I think the muscles down there just start to get stronger and it doesn’t hurt as bad after a week or so, and after a month you wont really feel any pain at all… Though I might as well point out, since I am just getting to this level myself, once you can ride a considerable distance it seems a different kind of discomfort may begin to plague your crotch. I will leave the details for you to discover for yourself…

Well, I have a contrary piece of advice to offer. When I was first learning, I read somewhere on the internet (it may very well have been a post on this forum) to keep your seat as high as possible. The example given to illustrate the concept was that if you try to vertically balance a yardstick on your finger, it will seem fairly easy; try to balance a pencil on your finger the same way and it is quite difficult. I did this little experiment myself and it is very true. After this, I raised my seat as high as was comfortable and it made a huge difference almost immediately in my riding!

This is interesting. Falling forward seems to be the most natural and easiest way to fall and land on your feet. At least it seems so to me. Does anyone else agree? It took a good bit of practice before I could comfortably dismount with the uni in front like it says you must to be level 1.

my callsign is al7oj (since I got my license in Alaska).
OT, but what really got me going was a ssb contact on a g5rv wire antenna up about 22’ and with 100 watts . The contact was southern tip of South America! Not bad from Alaska to there :slight_smile:

katch22, thanks for the advice. I may have to try that also.
It felt like it was tearing the muscles but I do feel a lot better this morning so it is time to “get back on the saddle…um seat” and go some more.
I have been working on getting off the thing front and back.
I am trying to learn what the uni will do as I lean forward or backward. Does it kick out this way with one foot or another way with the other foot, and then does it help to hold the seat to make it more stable as I dismount. Basically just trying to learn :slight_smile:
I may have to cut my post a little bit more because when my feet are verticle, I have a hard time getting past that point.
Oh well, time for some coffee and then some fun :wink:

My call sign is Maverick.

Maverick has the ball.

Requesting permission for fly-by.

Mmm mm

Limes are good.

Brian and Dustin,
you guys crack me up.
I love Top Gun (in fact had it in the vcr last night to watch but watched something else with my wife).

Now, fwiw, I cut another inch off the post and that helped tremendously, however I am a bit concerned about riding this thing :frowning:
One reason for getting it was because I have arthritis in both hands and tendinitis in both shoulders (I get cortizone shots). This makes it pretty rough for b*king, so I got the uni. However, holding arms out is getting pretty painful in the shoulders :frowning:
Hopefully, another shot in each shoulder will help that…hope…hope.
I am still in the house since I don’t have all my safety pads and stuff yet, so don’t want to try on concrete or pavement :wink:

Now back to whatever topic we were on :wink:

Negative ghostrider the pattern is full.