Good news, bad news.

Good news: I’m getting better - I went TWO blocks today on a bunch of runs,
several the hard way (uphill instead of down and off a freemount instead of
the minivan). And I really am a god of ukemi, to wit: I tried to turn left
fairly hard and fell sideways off the Coker, which is much worse than
forward or backward. So my left foot hit the ground and my sideways
momentum was far too great to stop… so I cartwheeled out of it. Thank
you, thank you…

Bad news: Grendel killed his first squirrel today. It froze in the street
in awe or shock or terror or maybe in the hope I could steer around it, then
bolted under the tire.

Sorry, squirrel.

Didn’t UPD, though; does that count as good news?


Success is goals.
–Lloyd Conant

you monster…

Hey- you can earn a badge for that!

You realize you have to eat it, yes?


Good news, dead squirrel

Well, well, well…

Are you braggin’, or confessin’?

I (Mister Meany) never harmed anything in any way (not even a spider) with my Uni. I guess Texans have a special “kill the squirrel with a Unicycle license”…

C’mon, Arnold, it’s your turn!

Wonder what the Karma is for that…

You have an obligation to control your vehicle.

Re: Good news, dead squirrel

Surely a Texan would be obliged by custom and convention to tie the deceased squirrel to the front of his Coker, then ride back into town a yellin’ and a hollerin’ and firing his six gun into the air.
Also, I assume the squirrel’s tail will adorn said Texan’s helmet, frontiersman style?
(Hint: Hang it at the back for improved clarity of forward vision.)


I doubt a texan would fire his six gun in the air, but instead yell
" Look mama, I got us some supper!"
Who really has a six gun down here anyway?
I mean six is usually the minimun down here.:stuck_out_tongue:

Re: ahemm

For some reason I’m reminded of the two Texans who went on a bear hunt. They got to a fork in the road and a sign said, ‘Bear left’ so they went home.

Buster would very much like for you to send the squirrel to him. The “quick” ones are, well, too quick for him.

Re: Good news, bad news.

> you monster…

Is MY name Grendel?! No! I’m not a monster.

I RIDE a monster.

Scott the Innocent

Re: Good news, bad news.

“Scott Kurland” <> wrote:

>Bad news: Grendel killed his first squirrel today. It froze in the street
>in awe or shock or terror or maybe in the hope I could steer around it, then
>bolted under the tire.

>Sorry, squirrel.

Extremely bad news for the squirrel!

>Didn’t UPD, though; does that count as good news?

Extremely great news for you on four counts:

  1. You didn’t get hurt!

  2. The Coker didn’t get hurt!

  3. You stayed on Top!

  4. Squirrel population went down by one, right?

Explanation for #4: There are so many squirrels in my local area, that
they must be considered bumps that dart in front of your Coker
un-expectantly. I don’t mind bumps that don’t move, but the ones that
move and occasionally chatter can be a bit unnerving. :slight_smile: Besides
squirrels cause far more property damage than their merger entertainment
(burying, digging up and eating peanuts, looking at you, etc.) value
merits. Despite my opinion (above) about squirrels, I’m probably more
afraid of hurting the little buggers than a possible UPD from running
over one. So far, I’ve been able to adjust my speed and direction to
avoid Coker tire contact with these unpredictable (path of these)

Did the squirrel provide a significant bump? I’d suspect that the
surprise of hitting one would be a bigger factor than the actual bump in
causing any UPD.

Has anyone had a squirrel climb up their Coker tire while riding? :slight_smile:
One could mount an ear of field (feed for animals - not sweet corn) corn
in front of the frame to entice the little buggers for an inverted
hamster/exercise wheel ride. If you are still with me on this tangent,
try to imagine a race between the squirrel and the Coker rider on the
“inverted hamster/exercise wheel”. If you can, stop thinking about
beating squirrels, leave them in peace and resume riding your Coker
while avoiding the little buggers!

Please excuse my off topic chatter above (previous paragraph).


Ken Fuchs <>

Re: Re: ahemm

Just wondering, is it possible to hang a rifle in the rear window of a Coker?


Re: Re: Re: ahemm

You’d probably have to move the Confederate flag to one side to make room, but otherwise, I see no problem. :0)

Re: Re: Good news, bad news.


Thank you for the refreshing off-topic chatter. Keep up the good work. Non-indigenous squirrels have all but entirely evicted the native squirrel population here. Animal control requests that, if you trap them, you drown them rather than release them elsewhere. This also upsets Buster who would much rather have them brought to his backyard with tiny balls and chains on their sweet, tender little squirrel ankles.

Back on topic: Buster would very much LIKE to BE a pair of ankle biters.

Re: Good news, bad news.

“Scott Kurland” <> wrote:

>Bad news: Grendel killed his first squirrel today. It froze in the street
>in awe or shock or terror or maybe in the hope I could steer around it, then
>bolted under the tire.

Bad news. Now that Grendel has tasted blood for the first time, he will want
more and more of it.

I see the first chapter of a Stephen King novel growing out of this.

New Horror Novel, eh?

Now the urge was uncontrolable. He quietly slipped into the garage, the darkness just covering the glimmer of the coker’s cranks. Some squirrel blood was splattered on the tire, but now he just wanted more. He knew now that there was no going back.

He mounted the beast, feeling quite at home on his weapon of choice. As he raced down the deserted road, he saw in the dark distances a pair of beady little eyes. Now it was his time to shine.

Hmm…could work!


how cool would it be if you sheered off a crank arm on grendle. Hmm then you would have to go out and kill grendle’s mother though too… (Put Cokers out of buisness :frowning: or would it just be the companie you got it from and Coker is Cain)

You so can be beowolf is you play your cards right.

Great name for a uni. you should paint the frame into some horrible beast.

I love that story


‘Hunter Rose’ might be more apropriate, considering the swift intervention of a shining fork…