Good News and Bad News

Getting out on my modified uni today, with new 07 KH frame, clamp and seatpost, and I managed to hop 87cm on a compression hop. But unfortunately, later on as I was riding, my seat felt a little flimsy. I went inside after the ride, and took apart the seat to check it out, and to my dispair, the stiffner plate had snapped in half. I need advice, should I just buy the new street Kh seat, or should I go carbon? I do ride pretty hard and have gone through lots of parts to finally come to the perfect uni for me, and I am only 15 and I have a lot of time to excel and fine tune my skills. So just give some advice please.


This has been gone over plenty of times, if you can afford it, go carbon. If not, you can get a KH handle to fit on a metal viscount base with some modification: KH handle with Viscount

Well, I would rather not go through with the viscount, and instead I just ordered a KH street 07 seat from Darren. Thanks for the advice.

Have fun breaking it again. I went through three within a week.

That’s reasuring. Well the only reason (i seem to believe), that the other seat broke, was due to my old style of unicycling (seat in, and hopping around and wrenching the handle upwards, and putting all my weight on it when I landed. But now, I do all seat out (other than riding normally), and I put most of my pressure on my legs when I land, so I believe that it will be ok. If I do break another seat, then I will invest in a CF base.

wow a hop of 87 cm… too bad you did not do that at O.U.I. 07

Well, I can hop that height, but I cant do it over a bar, it just doesnt work for me. But if I could I probably would have won the high jump comp. How the unicycling going in Quebec Kapoute? Any new tricks?

I dont have time to ride a lot… In fact, I have not ride trials since O.U.I. But the other little riders keep getting better. There is one that land a 540 twist over a 3 sets recently ( Hugo Duguay ). Too bad we did not have the ottawa street ride.

I have decided to put more energy on trials than street. I should have more time to ride after exams.

Oh and by the way, there is a chance that we host a competition here is Montreal in an indoor place in september, but dont start rumors, we are still at the stage of discussing it.

Yea. That would be great. I would love to come to Montreal for a small competition, but it would have to be like a 2 day thing, and lots of trials, and a street session. Get riding! And good job Hugo.