Good music for uni videos...

What kind of music/bands are you into? Whether it’s for a video, or just listening to while riding or whatever…

I love a whole lot of christian bands - anyone heard of these?

Anberlin, Falling Up, The Afters, Dead Poetic, Pillar, Seven Places, Seventh Day Slumber, Kutless, Lifehouse, Mae, Number One Gun, P.O.D, Project 86, Relient K, Sanctus Real, Thousand Foot Krutch…etc

Sorry if this thread is kinda boring - i just love music!:smiley:

I love Anberlin, I believe Alex Toms used it on a video. Paperthin Hymn I believe. I have used FM Static, who has a couple band members from Thousand Foot Krutch in it.

Pretty much anything works if it fits your style.

I like to be creative and put different types of music other than the usual heavy punk stuff. I’ve made video’s with celtic techno, jazz, and even yodeling. There’s a good french uni vid with classical in it.

I like most of those bands you mentioned especially Kutless, Sanctus real(see sig) and Project 86. Have you ever heard Dogwood, Blindside or Skillet… they are some more of my favorites… I actually used Dogwood’s “feel the burn” for a video.

Hmm… i havent heard of Dogwood - thanks ill check them out;)

Tooth and Nail is an awesome record label, they have some really good bands

tooth and nail.jpg

i like classic rock, but really almost anything can be made to fit a video. i recall someone made a video recently with classical music. i also particularly enjoyed the way Syko Random Crap Volume I was set up.

i like dead poetic. anberlin is ok they get old after a while but paperthin hymn is a great one.

yea sykos music was good to. some rap can work good but some jst doesnt work with uni movies

Cradle of filth! :smiley:

Here’s a b*ke vid of me and my brother messing around on some dirt jumps… it uses a Dogwood song.
Here’s their myspace which has some songs you can listen to (their site is down for repairs)
The thing I really like is that it’s really good music to really wholesome lyrics.

unfortunately, i find that today a huge number of people are trying their luck at becoming a recording artist. therefore most music made today is from a huge number of small bands that are rather isolated and unknown. i couldnt name 5 bands to produce a record in the past 3 years. few, if any of these songs will be remembered decades from now, as the songs 0f the '80s are.

Falling up is probably my favorite band, then Relient K. I also like Krystall Myers, I used one of her songs for my video. I have a 20$ gift certificate for Family Christian Bookstores, what CDs should I get?

My 2 cents

I’ve heard of Lifehouse.

I would reccomend using Red Hot Chili Peppers for a uni vid. I just like

listening to them though.

I Really only like two of Lifehouses songs, Spin, and Hanging By a Moment. the rest are okay, but they don’t reachg out and grab me.
Relient K, More than Useless would be the best ever uni vid music! I am saving it for when I am a lot better though.

hmm, if you like Falling Up and Relient K I reckon you’d be into a few bands like Kutless especially, and i really recommend The Afters too…

Hell, there are so many bands you could choose from, but at the moment my favourites are Seven Places, The Afters, Sanctus Real, Casting Pearls and Number One Gun (which sounds a lot like Relient K). These are all christian bands by the way. Here’s a link to a good site - has a lot of reviews of christian bands.

i saw anberlin in concert, i’m more of a fan of grunge so bands like pearl jam, alicein chains, soundgarden, nirvana, my favrote band is 311, they are not grunge though

Sorry for the threadjack, but where can I watch this?

If you’re still looking for it, you can watch Syko Random Crap Volume I here on youtube:

Wow, its really good too - i just watched it…

it is. i really liked the part with dan heaton in the beginning. it was really flowy

Yeah, its really well done - the music suits the visual heaps