good MUni tire


Over the last couple of weeks I tried a new tire on my DM ATU, the Kenda
Kolossal DH (2.6"), and thought I’d share what I thought of it.

In general, I really like it. It has a much rounder profile than the Gazzalodi
2.6 or the Intense 2.7, and so manouvers much more easily on pavement or compact
trails (no “grabbing” in corners). It also has quite stiff sidewalls and a
grippy rubber compound, so is good for hopping sideways up steep sections (at
least as good as the Gazz, not quite as good as the Intense).

The tire is also lighter than the Gazz or the Intense. For gliding, the
tire tread is strongly directional and can be oriented so your foot on the
tire doesn’t bounce around too much, even though it is a very aggressive
tread pattern.

The only disadvantages I found were that the large flat profile on the Intense
seems better in mud, and also a round profile gives less room for error when
riding railings.

So in a nutshell this is the best tire I’ve seen for general MUni, but in my
opinion the Intense 2.7 is the best tire I’ve used for technical downhill.

Anyone else using this tire?



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