Good MUNI spots in Washington(state)

So, I just got my new MUNI. All I need is someplace to ride.

I’m looking for really technical trails, something that perhaps has a lot of drops and things like that. I’m not to fond of much uphill or much cross country, but I do like technical downhill, and I suppose I’m willing to take the uphill required to get there.

So, any Seattle area riders know of anything of the sort?

P.S. Is there any place in the area where you can ride a chairlift up and ride back down? That’s what I did in Switzerland and it was amazing.

I know we have Beacon Hill in Spokane, and some mountains not to far away with a lift.

Ill ahve to go down to the bike shop by my hosue and ask those guys where the best trails and places to ride ar at in and outside fo Spokane, then you me and Phil, maybe Jackie could make it could have a little Muni trip.

I still need to get my muni.

Ah yeah, that would be fun.

Except the driving to Spokane part:o

Several years ago cyclists were allowed to use the chair lifts and run the down hill routes at Snoqualmie. It was a riot. I did them with David Maxfield to check them out before NAUCC and UNICON when they were here last. We did a massive downhill race there. I’m not sure but I think that they discontinued the lifts for cycles.

We haven’t done any ferried MUni rides (down hill only) that I know of at least. We do the moderately hilly runs at St Edwards Park and Big Finn Hill Park up in Juanita. I’m sure JC would love to have someone ride Tiger Mountain (your neck of the woods) with him sometime. He’s ridden it solo a lot. I think Tom Blackwood is fond of the Beaver Lake trails which is also in your area.

Take a look at the I-5 Colonnade trails located under the I-5 freeway in Seattle near E Howe St.

Fun trails there with technical trail features to play on. Small compact area so you don’t have to do long climbs.

The Galbraith trails near Bellingham. Some of the trails there have technical downhills, but riding there requires lots of long dirt road climbs and a mix of XC.

There is an outlaw trail near Issiquah that has north shore style features. Email me and we can plan a ride to ride there. No chair lift. You have to earn your gravity karma.

Why hasn’t it mentioned it to us, when we has an Issaquah address? It deceiveses us, precious, and keepses the good trails to itself.

I think you’ve been there before. Harper has been there. Japanese girls have been there.

I actually haven’t ridden there in over two years. It will be interesting to see what has changed there over that time.

I rode the chair lift up Snoqualmie Summit back in 2002 for the downhill in Unicon, but wasn’t riding at that time. For some reason they stopped doing that even for bikes. Seems a waste of resources but I’m not the one paying the bills.

You can always ride down Mt. Si, either side. Now THAT would be bad for your back! :smiley:

If you go about half way up Snoqualmie Parkway on the the way to the Ridge there is an “easy” trials site that might be of interest (just off to the left). Look for a wooden rail fence. The more interesting area is in the trees.

Crystal Mountain has lift access. I have no idea what the terrain/structures are like.

Hey Pele did you get to ride it in Yellowstone?

unfortunately not, forrest :frowning:

There was no space in the car. We had to stick it in a separate trailer.