Good Luck - My Unicon video entry


I made one video for the UNICON video contest… It was filmed in one and a half day and edited in one night…

I learned a lot of tricks in UNICON, so this skills aren’t that good…

Good Luck on

I will post on youtube soon…


Thanks Olaf for posting it!

Cool vid… really good to watch and the music went well.

Nice job, liked the music, editing, and riding. I don’t see a lot of tech street riders like you doing trials, so that was awesome.

Just a word of advice, I would recommend buying a lens hood for your camera, the sun was blinding in the beginning.

Thanks! I know, but I will save money for a new camera… My Sony HC40 is really used…

I’m thinking in an Everio GZ-HD7… Looks really cool… I’m just researching about accesories prices and this stuff…

Thanks Again for the comments!


That camera looks really good, and it even looks like it has a built in lens hood, which will definetly reduce sun glare. I don’t know if you have these in brazil, but I would recommend the canon hv20 or hv30. Voted best camcorder of 2007.

I’m surprised to say this. But I liked the music lol.

great video. Your constantly improving:D

Really nice vid, Pedro! I really enjoyed it! Nice music too!

liked music

Yeah this song is really cool!

And everything that the girls says in Portugese, Ben Harper says in English… So you can “understand” what the girl said…

That’s why I choose this song: It’s really nice, and in both languages: Enaglish and Portugese!

Thanks for all the coments!