Good Luck at NAUCC!

Congratulations to all the folks who are attending NAUCC this year! I hope your all have a great time.

Please take and post lots of pictures for the gallery. We’re all looking forward to seeing the action.


And pictures you will get. I plan on trying to put some up every day, however it may not end up working.

If anyone emails me images or video, I’ll put them on a big pipe for download.

Just zip 'em up and send a single file, or whatever.

tom at rmadilo dot com

Good luck to all, and have lots of fun! Though we call it a championships, we still seem to treat it more like a family reunion with games. It’s also a convention, but the “games” leave precious little time for workshops and things.

But fun is always in order. Be involved. Talk to people. And most importantly, ask to help out. There are always needs for people to make things run smoothly.

Oh, even more importantly, be supportive of the hosts. If they have restrictions, it’s because someone told them to. If they have problems, it’s because nobody hosts these things for a living. Nobody is getting paid for their hard work, so if you can’t do it better, please be constructive.

For those that can make it, I’ll see you there!

Re: Good Luck at NAUCC!

Thanks for the well wishes.
John is right about it being a family reunion. I have only been in the “Family”
a few years but everyone is great. I don’t compete but enjoy being with
everyone. I am looking forward to not being a host this year. Tomorrow we board
the plane with 31 people, 4 fly out later and 4 left Sat. with the trailer.

Barb K.

See you there!

We(my wife and daughter) will be heading out on Wednesday night and will attend on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and part of Sunday. I am really excited. I can’t wait to see all the truely skilled unicyclists do their stuff. Not to mention I can really use the time away from the day to day rigors.

Andrea and I are out the door to

Minnie-Apple-Us !

See ya soon.

Well I am leaving work, picking up my bags and heading to Hartsfield International Airport. In a few short hours I will be in

Muniapolis. :smiley: