"Good Life"

a new from me … i hope you like it :slight_smile:

very clean tricks + I like You style.

awesome big clean tricks, long smooth combo’s, good music and nice spots…!!
=> great vid :slight_smile:

i dont usually like watchin flatland, but i really enjoyed this vid, music,riding,filming all just meshed realy well. very nice!

Very Impressive!

Clearly there is no need for rollo disks…you make flatland look so good and easy without them!

I would agree that some of your hops on wheel could be eliminated but the combo’s were that long and the spins before and after the hops on wheel that big that it didn’t matter at all!

The whole video flowed really nicely with the song and the filming was great also :slight_smile:

Wow! That was a really great video! The editing was well done and made the video very nice to watch. All the tricks were awesome! I really liked the overdoubleflip, and the 900’s were some of the cleanest I have ever seen!

That first combo was realy sick, you need to make more video’s.:stuck_out_tongue:

great video. what is clicking on your unicycle?

That was awesome!!!

Thanks for the song.

It’s awesome to see that you took all the filming suggestions from everyone. The angles, movement, and placement of you cameras really added a lot to showcase your abilities. I enjoyed that.

Woah! That was a really good video! The editing looked very thought out and made it a lot better to watch. I really liked the hickquad and late doubleflip and your treytriples flip so fast and your 900 unispins are so clean that it makes it impressive to watch.

Did you use the video editing software to do slow camera movement left and right, as in your first combo?