Good leight weight muni pedals

got my new pedals for the muni today :astonished: :smiley:

Where did you get them? What’s the brand? Do you like them better than pinned pedals? I have Wellgo MG-1’s on my 26" MUni and 36" uni and Snafu’s on my 24" MUni. I have another pair of Wellgo MG-1’s that I plan on putting on the 24"… these are over 100g lighter :slight_smile:

How are the bearings? Sealed? Unsealed? I don’t mind either way.

sorry, yes some more infos:
first i only ride aliens on my munis (i don’t like pinned pedals for muniing, not enough grip, especially when you wear hiking boots, like i do a lot, because muniing is for me often also alot of hiking), anyway, the grip on those ones is almost the same as on the aliens (600gr :astonished: ), it has a titanium axle, and also the screws are titanium, of course sealed, there is no brand on them, also it’s not showed on the website. i got them from a swiss trailbike store (pretty expensive…).

yes not even the magnesium or plastic pedals are that light.

i’ll post a review after the first rides…

Looks great. But how expensive were they and where exactly did you buy them? A link would be great.

Theres a biketrialsrider in switzerland, that made the cages for the pedals and is selling them on his site ( as far as i know.

At least he posted a few pics about them in the forum.

Cost for the pedals is around 160€/pair.

marco is right, this is the shop:

Thanks, interesting shop. I was looking at some Echo cranks there too.
I am a little concerned about the strength of those super light pedals. And about the price tag… Keep us informed how they hold up to your riding and dropping.

I’m using Wellgp MG1 and MG1 TI (titanium axis), they are great with 5/10 shoes even with mud and snow

So am I on my new xc 29er - they seem to work well, but not as light as those ones Turtle posted (my MG1 Ti weigh 305g for the pair on my kitchen scales). I’ve never been a fan of bear-trap style pedals, but then I wear 5-10s as well, which work really well with pins.

Those things are certainly light though! Please don’t say you’re going to put them on the end of a pair of Moments :astonished:
Hope they work out well and don’t break.


at the moment i have to use the moments, nothing else around here… :roll_eyes: what would you recommend for muni? (in 150)

i’ve a 5-10 as well, that’s right they work great with pins, but like now, ice, snow, and always when its wet, you do an upd with the 5-10 in the mountains, you’ll never stopp again… :astonished: ok… maybe at the bottom of the mountain :o

… or on top of the next mountain :smiley:

I think the Nimbus Ventures would be an option for muni. The German sites don’t seem to have them in 150mm but they do exist and they should be much lighter than moments. They would probably be strong enough too.

These put my MG1 Ti welgos to shame. How is the grip compared to platform?

Sorry - I was joking really… just seems a shame to put super-light pedals on super-heavy cranks! I’ve got some Tensiles on my new 29er, which I really like so far. They are probably strong enough for proper muni (and much lighter than moments) but they only come in 140.


@rob: i ordered some tensile nom :wink: but it wouldn’t help much, since i ride a 3.0 tire…

today i tested the pedals a bit, the grip with my hiking boots is even better than with the aliens, but because of my injuried finger i couldn’t drop and ride real hard…

today i used them pretty hard, and i’ve to say: i love them! the grip is really, really good (even with the hiking boots), i dropped, had some bad upd’s… and the cage isn’t bent at all, not even a little…

ive used a similar style,the try-all sealed caged pedals and the body cracked due to not enough material left on the body.

ive got great experience with the MG1S


That sucks…

Oh man! they just snapped? Well I guess I’m not going to be getting them… they’re expensive and apparently not as sturdy as my MG1’s. I’ve never broken a pair on bikes or my MUni’s.