Good Leg Armor

Hey everyone, I’ve just got my new nimbus trials uni and I’ve already got some pretty nasty scars from the pedals. I usually wear soccer shin guards but am looking for some good leg armor. I need some that are decent and fairly cheap. If anybody knows a good set or site please share it.

Kris Holm percussion leg armour is what i use and i find it really good, I also used the 661 4x4 shin guards which worked, but i much prefer the KH. :slight_smile:
There are more detailed reviews in the product reviews forum! :smiley:

Once the scars build up they act as leg protection so no need for leg armour.:stuck_out_tongue:

I bought these (Rockgarden landing zone shing guards) a couple of years ago and really like the quality and the price is great.

Then you will truly be worthy of the name UniCalf! :smiley:

i like the 661 4x4s. never tried the kh ones, but they’ll be the next thing i buy once my 661s are fallin apart

I have (or had) the same theory, however, I bought some to protect my trousers… not fun walking round the office with a great hole in your knee from the ride in.

Thankfully, I’ve not had any divots out of my shin yet. That’s in 2 mo of learning to ride, including free mounting. That being said, I want a good set of leg and arm armor for learning to ride rougher terrain and simple trials stuff. Can anyone whose seen the KH kit next to other cheaper stuff give details why its worth the extra money? I’d love to spend only $20 for knee/shins and $20 for arms but not at the expense of uncomfortable or inadequate protection.

You also need to think of what the price would be to a trip to the hospitol for “spending cheep”. What are your shins worth?

Just a comparison between the KH and 661 guards that UDC sells would be useful.


4x4’s ROCK! Pretty awesome. Really great leg protection.

(just thought i should advocate 661… i think i’m still sponsored by them)